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Entrapment Defense in Indiana: A Comprehensive Guide

Defending Identity Deception Charges in Indiana

Defending Trespass Charges in Indiana: A Comprehensive Guide

Expungement and Restoring Firearm Rights in Indiana

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Spencer Criminal Defense Attorney: Court Rules in Owen County

Tongue Ring Challenge: OWI Breathalyzer Suppressed

Search of Greene County Woman’s Purse Reversed

Bloomington Appeal Overturns Marijuana Conviction

OWI Dismissed, Roundabouts Don’t Require Use of Turn Signal

Courts Must Adapt to a New Normal

Should College Students Sign a Lease for Fall 2020?

Could Social Distancing Mandates Result in Probation Violations?

COVID-19 Alert: Is Now the Right Time for Sentence Modification?

COVID-19 Alert: Why Now is a Good Time to Expunge Your Indiana Criminal Record

Some Tippecanoe OWI Cases to be Resolved Without a Hearing During Outbreak

Absent College Students Have Risks if Criminal Case Pending

OWI Conviction Reversed for Driver with ACE Below 0.08

BMV Amnesty Program Paves Cheaper Path to Drivers License Reinstatement

Indiana Public Intoxication Conviction Reversed: Staggering Man Did Not Endanger Life

Football Season Can Mean Increased Alcohol Arrests for Purdue Students

Drug Convictions Reversed Due to Illegal Search

Leaving the Scene of an Accident Conviction Reversed

Operating While Intoxicated Defense in Lafayette: Value in Hiring an Attorney Early in Case

Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Guide to 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos

Grant County Criminal Defense

Madison County Bond Schedule Escalates for Out-of-Town Defendants

Arrested in Tipton? Hire an Attorney with Experience

New Law Allows for Expungement of Terminated Protective Orders

Courts Can Stay OWI Suspension at Initial Hearing

Indiana Expands Felony OWI Enhancement

How to Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Anderson

New Indiana Criminal Laws Took Effect Today

Maintaining a Common Nuisance Conviction Reversed

Madison County Establishes Pre-Trial Expungement Rules

Indiana Expands Expungement Law

It’s Little 500 Weekend at IU. Our Bloomington Attorneys are Ready!

Madison County Conviction for Possession of Marijuana Reversed

Charged with OWI in Benton County, Indiana? A Defense Attorney’s Guide

Criminal Trespass Conviction Reversed Due to Lack of Police Authority

Public Intoxication Conviction Reversed Due to Lack of Endangerment

Tippecanoe Conviction on Firearms Charge Reversed

Indiana Court Holds Two Minute Delay for K-9 Search Unlawful

Investigations of Sexual Violence Lack Due Process, Put Purdue Students at Risk for Expulsion

Should a Target Testify Before a Grand Jury in Indiana?

Roommates and Constructive Possession: A Potential Defense to Drug Charges in Indiana

Evidence of Spice, Ecstasy Possession Suppressed: Court Upholds “Right to Walk Away”

Analyzing the Evidence to Defend False Accusations of Sex Crimes in Indiana

Disorderly Conduct Conviction Reversed: Court Rules Police Suppressed Political Speech

Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Computer & Cell Phone

Possession of Spice, Synthetic Drugs Carries Harsher Penalties Than Marijuana

Protecting Yourself or Others: A Defense to Battery Charges in Indiana

Arrested in Crawfordsville? Call an Experienced Montgomery County Criminal Attorney

OWI Traffic Stop in Hamilton County Violated 4th Amendment Rights

Hiring a Criminal Attorney for a Misdemeanor in Allen County

Using a Fake ID: A Deceptively Serious Offense

Marijuana Arrests on the Rise in Lafayette, Indiana

Expunge a Grand Prix Arrest Before You Leave Purdue

Little 500: IU Students, Excise Police, and Alcohol Arrests

Marion County OWI: Cut n' Paste Affidavit Is Insufficient

Allen County Expungement Petition Entitled to Day in Court

Clark, Harrison, Shelby, & Hamilton County Move to E-filing

Hamilton County Dealing Marijuana Conviction Reversed

Variables Affect Process and Petition for Expunging Criminal Records in Indiana

State Police Conduct Sobriety Checkpoints for St. Patrick's Day

Marion County Gun Conviction Reversed Due to Unreasonable Search

Purdue Students Accused of Sexual Assault Face Title IX Investigations

What Should I Do If There Is a Warrant Out For My Arrest in Indiana?

Should You Submit to a Polygraph Examination?

How to Get Specialized Driving Privileges in Indiana

Civil Forfeiture Cause Must be Expunged with Criminal Case

Bad News Travels Fast in Bluffton. Expunge Your Criminal Record Now!

Specialized Driving Helps Small Town Indiana Residents

Specialized Driving Helps Lafayette Mom

Specialized Driving Privileges Helps Lafayette Drivers Get Back on the Road

Fort Wayne Drivers with Suspended Licenses Benefit from New Law

Specialized Driving and Expungement Combo Helping Hoosiers Back to Work

A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Guide to Purdue's Grand Prix Weekend

Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Public Intoxication Law, but Reverses Conviction

Indiana Specialized Driving Privileges Excludes OWI – DUI Breath Test Refusals

Marion County Adopts Local Rule for Specialized Driving Privileges

Large Amount of Marijuana Not Enough to Prove Dealing Under New Indiana Law

Prison Time Limited for Level 6 Felony Convictions in Indiana

Tippecanoe County Posts Revised Bond Schedule

Marijuana Evidence Suppressed after Indiana Court Finds Consent to Search Invalid

Entrapment Defense Reduces Class A Felony Dealing Cocaine Conviction

Indiana Criminal Trespass Conviction Reversed for Banned Bar Patron on Sidewalk

How Can an Arrest During Grand Prix Affect Academic Status at Purdue?

Purdue Students: 3 Ways to Stay Safe During Grand Prix Week

What Happens if I Am Arrested for Underage Drinking in West Lafayette, Indiana?

Good News for Hunters: Expungement Can Restore Your Gun Rights in Indiana

Jasper County, Indiana Possession of Cocaine Conviction Reversed

Possession of Marijuana & Maintaining a Common Nuisance: The Roommate Defense

Expunge and Seal Your Marijuana Charges in Indiana

Come In, We're Hiring - But Please Have A Clean Record

Get Your Record Expunged ASAP

Expunge Your Indiana Criminal Record: Don't Let a Mistake in Your Past Hold You Back

Coincidence Fails to Establish Constructive Possession of Marijuana in Kokomo, Indiana Case

Indiana Public Intoxication Law Held Unconstitutional in Part

Expunging Criminal Records in Bluffton, Indiana: Get a Clean Slate in Wells County

Seeking a Job in Kokomo, Indiana? Expunge Your Howard County Criminal Records First

DUI Charges in Peru, Indiana: OWI Defense and Expungement in Miami County

Defending Cocaine and Heroin Charges Following a Canine Sniff in Tippecanoe County

Job Interviews and Expungement in Montgomery County, Indiana

Expunging Criminal Records in White County, Indiana

Monticello, IN Criminal Attorneys: Local Rules Set Defense Deadlines

Miranda Warning Required to Search for Marijuana in Lafayette and Crawfordsville Hotel Rooms

Crawfordsville Criminal Defense Attorney: Strategy and Rules in Montgomery County

Crawfordsville DUI and OWI Defense: What Defendants Should Know in Montgomery County

Fort Wayne Domestic Battery Defense Attorneys: When Mitigation and Counseling is the Best Approach

Criminal Attorneys in Lafayette and Fort Wayne Available 24/7

If You are Arrested in Allen County, Call Experienced Fort Wayne Criminal Defense Attorneys

Allen County’s Forensic Diversion Program Provides Treatment Instead of Jail

Indiana Police Cannot Prolong Traffic Stop for K-9 Sniff and Search

Use of Breath Test Results in Indiana OWI Trial Require Officer to Have Been Properly Certified

OWI Endangerment is Not Established by Headlight Out at Night

Illegal Possession of Alcohol (Minor Consumption) Conviction Reversed for Overnight Guest

Allen County Shoplifting Case Distinguishes Theft from Conversion

Public Intoxication at Purdue: What Students Should Know in West Lafayette

Noble County Possession of Marijuana Conviction Reversed for Passenger in Vehicle

Indiana Public Intoxication Law Requires that Alarming Behavior Occurred in a Public Place

Public Intoxication Requires Proof Defendant Harassed Others or Created a Danger

Indiana Public Intoxication Law Requires Proof of Imminent Danger of Breaching the Peace

Indianapolis Resisting Law Enforcement Conviction Reversed

Fort Wayne Possession of Cocaine Conviction Reversed

Allen County Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Law Enforcement Convictions Reversed

Adams County Marijuana Evidence Suppressed

Suppression of Fort Wayne Possession of Marijuana Evidence Upheld

Suppression of Fort Wayne Operating While Intoxicated Evidence Upheld

Lafayette Indiana DUI Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions

Purdue Community Standards Board Hearings

Purdue Disciplinary Conduct Conferences

Misdemeanor Treatment Can Expedite Expungement for Class D Felony Convictions

Expungement Forms in Indiana are Full of Pitfalls

Professional Licenses Require a Criminal Background Check in Indiana

Indiana Habitual Traffic Violator Granted Probationary License

Public Intoxication or Marijuana Arrest in Indiana? Seal the Arrest Records Now

Expunging Criminal Records from Lafayette to Fort Wayne

Boiler Gold Rush & Alcohol and Drug Arrests

10 Reasons to Expunge Your Indiana Criminal Record Now

New Indiana Law Permits Class D Felony Convictions to be Reduced to Misdemeanor Status

Going to a Party? 5 Things to Consider

Computer Crimes: Can the Feds Search My Computer?

OWI: When Will I get My license back?

Visiting or Maintaining a Common Nuisance

Entrapment: When the Cops Set You Up

Indiana Court Limits Use of Videotaped Statements in Child Molesting Cases

New Indiana Law Allows Some Felony Convictions to be Sealed

Expungement of Criminal Records in Indiana: New Law Limits Access to Criminal History

Falsely Accused of Child Molesting in Indiana: Never Submit to an Unreliable Polygraph

Sexual Battery Conviction Reversed for Indiana Man Accused of Groping

Indiana Court Holds Kissing Sleeping Victim is Not Sexual Battery

In Indiana Constructive Possession of Marijuana Requires More Than Presence of Marijuana in Home

Court of Appeals Reverses Probation Violation for Failure to Pay

Tippecanoe County Probation Violations Based on Failure to Pay Fees

Public Intoxication Conviction Reversed for Vehicle Passenger

Court of Appeals Decision Limits Authority of Trial Courts to Reduce Class D Felony Convictions to Class A Misdemeanors

Court Holds Passengers Not Required To Interact With Police

OWI Conviction Reversed: Endangerment Requires More Than Mere Intoxication

Theft Conviction Overturned: Mere Possession Rule Abolished

Maintaining a Common Nuisance Conviction Overturned

Resolution #1: Know Your Rights

Police Encounters: Stay Cool, Don't Waive Your Rights

Pat Down Search Held Illegal After Traffic Stop

Battery and Self-Defense: When the Use of Force is Necessary

Search of Woman’s Purse Held Unconstitutional

Conviction for Possession of Firearm by Serious Violent Felon Overturned Due to Illegal Search

Court Upholds Suppression of Habitual Traffic Offender Evidence

What Happens When an International Student is Arrested or Charged with a Crime?

Juror Misconduct: Did You Get a Fair Trial?

Habitual Traffic Offenders and Driver License Suspensions

Public Intoxication Laws in Indiana. Where Can You Drink?

When might you hear the Miranda Warning?

Never Waive Your Right to an Attorney