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DUI Charges in Peru, Indiana: OWI Defense and Expungement in Miami County

If you are arrested for DUI in Peru, Indiana, you may be worried about incarceration, how you will get to work without a driver’s license, and what will be on your criminal record. You also may be concerned about what will happen at the Initial Hearing. The Miami County local court rules impose deadlines on defendants that must be complied with.  If you are seeking an attorney to defend DUI charges in Miami County, call Gibson Law Office for a free consultation. We have defended operating while intoxicated cases all over Indiana, and also understand the Miami County local rules.  

Peru, Indiana DUI Defense: What You Should Know Before the Initial Hearing

If you are arrested for DUI in Peru, Indiana your case will be scheduled for an initial hearing at which your driver’s license will be ordered suspended for a period of 180 days. If you are like most people who work in Miami County or in nearby Kokomo, Tipton, Marion, Logansport, or Rochester, you almost certainly need a driver’s license to get to work. If you are employed, aggressive legal action could help you obtain a restricted license for employment purposes within 30 days.

At the Initial Hearing, a plea of not guilty will be entered on your behalf which triggers a 14 day deadline for the State to provide you with the evidence in your case. The evidence may include video of the traffic stop, the breath test results, and a police narrative regarding your performance on field sobriety tests. Once you receive the State’s evidence, you then have 14 days to file a witness list and notice of any defenses that you plan to use. Because of this deadline, it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney early in the case. Was the traffic stop legal? Did the police follow the correct protocol required for admission of the breath test results? An experienced DUI attorney can review the evidence and identify weaknesses in the State’s case. An attorney with experience defending cases in Miami County can also ensure that valid defenses are not waived by failing to follow the local court rules.

OWI Expungement in Miami County, Indiana: Can I Clear my Criminal Record?

If you are convicted of operating while intoxicated in Miami County, Indiana, you will no longer be stuck with a criminal record for life. Misdemeanor operating while intoxicated charges can be expunged 5 years after the conviction date. If you are convicted of a felony operating while intoxicated charge, you can expunge your OWI conviction records after 8 years. However, a Class D felony can be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor 3 years after completing your sentence. Obtaining misdemeanor treatment shortens the expungement waiting period from 8 years to 5 years.

Charged with DUI in Peru? Seeking an Expungement Attorney in Peru, Indiana?

Losing your license after a DUI arrest can be a true hardship if you live in Peru, Indiana. And, a criminal record for OWI or any charge can cost you job opportunities and higher wages. If you need a DUI defense lawyer, or you are seeking to expunge criminal records in Miami County, Indiana, call Gibson Law Office. With offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, we have represented clients in more than 50 Indiana counties. We have defended DUI cases and expunged criminal records in every region of Indiana. Our attorneys only handle criminal defense cases and expunging records. If you are charged with DUI in Miami County, wouldn’t it be helpful to speak for free with an experienced legal team that has defended hundreds of operating while intoxicated cases? If you have a criminal record, shouldn’t you call a law office that has expunged criminal conviction records in every region of Indiana? We always offer a free consultation and charge a flat fee. That way we can learn about your case and you know exactly what the total cost is upfront. If want an experienced criminal defense attorney for representation in Peru, Indiana, call Gibson Law Office today.
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