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Expunging Criminal Records in White County, Indiana

If you have a criminal record in White County, Indiana, you may be eligible for expungement. However, to clear your criminal history, it is important to hire an experienced expungement attorney. You can only expunge your criminal history one time. If there is a mistake in your expungement petition and it’s denied, you cannot re-file for three years. If you are seeking a Monticello expungement attorney, doesn’t it make sense to call a legal team that has sealed or expunged criminal records in more than 30 Indiana counties? Gibson Law Office has successfully expunged criminal records in White County, as well as in every region of Indiana.

Expungement in White County: Attention to Detail

There has been much attention granted to the strict technical requirements of Indiana’s new expungement law. The expungement statute sets for filing and jurisdiction requirements, strict pleading and evidence rules, and provides that a person can seek to expunge their criminal records only one time. However, if a person has convictions in more than one county, they can file expungement petitions in each county within one year.
In White County, expungement petitions must be filed in the Superior Court.  The petition must be filed in compliance with the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure. It also must include actual proof that you completed your sentence, including any terms of probation and payment of court costs and fees. If your petition complies with the statute, it will be scheduled for a hearing where the burden of proof is on you. You must present testimony and evidence that you do not have a suspended driver’s license, have not committed any new crimes during the waiting period, and completed your sentence.

Monticello, Indiana Expungement Attorneys: Experience Matters

Expunging criminal records requires detail-oriented work. Many general practice attorneys may have filed few, if any, petitions for expungement. As a result, they may not be accustomed to the penalties for failing to comply with Indiana’s expungement statute. Gibson Law Office has represented clients in all regions of Indiana in expunging records. Due to our high volume of representation, we have seen many challenges to the expungement statute and we have overcome them. Expunging your criminal history can be highly valuable. It can lead to a better job, higher wages, and remove the social stigma of a conviction. If you have a criminal record, don’t you owe it to yourself to call a team of experienced expungement attorneys for a free consultation? We will talk to you for free on the phone, or in person, and explain the process and quote a fee. Call us today and find out how you can get a fresh start. It’s a free call that could lead to a better future.