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Gibson Law Office has a team of criminal defense attorneys with offices in Lafayette, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, and Anderson, Indiana. Our attorneys represent people charged with serious felony and misdemeanor crimes, suspects in criminal investigations, and persons seeking to restrict access, seal, or expunge criminal records. We have a statewide practice and have handled cases in more than 70 Indiana counties. Our attorneys only handle criminal matters and have won acquittal in Class A felony and DUI cases.

Communicating With Clients: We Use Technology to Keep You Informed

We want our clients to know the status of their case at all times. We utilize a cloud-based client portal that give clients access to their file at all times. The client portal features and instant messaging system so the client and attorney handling the case are in regular contact.

We represent clients throughout Indiana in sealing and expunging criminal records. When we are hired to seal or expunge a client’s criminal record, we immediately obtain an electronic copy of their docket and request any additional case documents that are needed. We then send the client a draft petition via e-mail in a PDF attachment for their review. If a client is seeking a new job or promotion, we understand the urgency in expunging their criminal records.

Gibson Law Office attorneys have represented clients in criminal cases and sealing or expunging criminal records in all areas of the State, including Allen County, Clark County, Delaware County, Lake County, Marion County, Madison County, Montgomery County, Monroe County, Morgan, Tippecanoe County, and Vigo County. We have represented clients in a majority of Indiana counties and efficiently communicate with clients, regardless of their location.

College Students and Parents at Purdue, Indiana, and Ball State

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing college students in university disciplinary actions. When a college student is arrested, they will also face discipline on campus. We have local attorneys who regularly represent college students at Purdue, Indiana, and Ball State. With the student’s permission, we provide parents access to our client portal which includes his or her case information and police reports. We understand that the parents of many our clients live far away and want to be informed and support their son or daughter. Regardless of whether a student’s parents live in out-of-State or even outside the United States, we keep will keep them updated. 

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