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Expunging Criminal Records from Lafayette to Fort Wayne

We are continuing to help clients seal and expunge criminal records throughout Indiana. Since July 2011, we have represented clients in restricting access to, sealing or expunging criminal records from Lafayette to Fort Wayne and from Crown Point to Bloomington. The 2011 law provided that criminal records for misdemeanor and Class D felony convictions could be restricted from public access. Beginning in July 2013, it became possible to expunge misdemeanor, Class D felony, and major felony convictions if certain eligibility requirements are met. Arrest records from cases resolved by diversion agreements, or resulting in acquittal or dismissal, can be sealed.

Expunging Convictions from Lafayette to Bloomington to Fort Wayne

Indiana’s new expungement law expands the eligibility for convictions that may be expunged. However, it also provides that a person can only file one petition for expungement in their lifetime. A petition for expungement must be filed in the county where the conviction was entered. A person may expunge convictions in multiple counties, but expungement petitions in separate counties must be filed within 365 days of the first petition being filed. Thus, if a person had criminal convictions in Tippecanoe County (Lafayette), Monroe County (Bloomington) and Allen County (Fort Wayne), they must file expungement petitions in each county within one year of each other.

Hiring an Expungement Attorney

Indiana’s new expungement law has several procedural hurdles. This includes the requirement that petitions in separate counties be filed within one year. When hiring an expungement attorney, it is important to confirm that the attorney is experienced in expunging and sealing criminal records. This is particularly true if you have convictions in more than one county. Since Indiana passed the restricted access law in 2011, Gibson Law Office has represented clients in either restricting access to criminal records, sealing records, or expunging criminal records in all parts of the State. Our representation has included Allen County (Fort Wayne), Marion County (Indianapolis), Lake County (Crown Point), Monroe County (Bloomington), and Tippecanoe County (Lafayette).

If you are seeking to expunge criminal records in Indiana, contact Gibson Law Office. We have the experience to help you get a second chance