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Bad News Travels Fast in Bluffton. Expunge Your Criminal Record Now!

When I was in high school, I got my first speeding ticket in Bluffton, Indiana. I was traveling from Decatur to Jay County after a summer league basketball game. My biggest fear was that my parents would find out. I paid the ticket the next week and thought I had covered things up. A week later, I was busted: someone had read the blotter in the paper and told my parents about the ticket.

Twenty-five years ago, traffic tickets and criminal arrests were published in the paper but were not on-line. Once the weekend newspaper was thrown away, there was little risk of anyone finding out about a past transgression. Today, all criminal records are posted in on-line dockets with a summary of the court proceedings. Anyone can look up your criminal history and read all about it.

What can you do about a criminal record in Bluffton?

If you have a criminal record in Bluffton, you no longer have to be the talk of the town. Under Indiana’s expungement law, all misdemeanor and most felony convictions can be expunged. Once your records are expunged, the court dockets are removed; and, most importantly, you cannot even be asked about expunged criminal records at a job interview. If you have a criminal record, call our Fort Wayne office today at 260-739-5425. Our attorneys have represented clients in 80 Indiana counties.