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Misdemeanor Treatment Can Expedite Expungement for Class D Felony Convictions

A Class D felony can be expunged eight years after the conviction date under Indiana’s expungement law. However, if the Class D felony conviction is reduced to a Class A misdemeanor, the conviction can be expunged five years after the conviction date.  Expunging a conviction three years earlier can be of significant benefit, including helping a person obtain employment and earn increased wages.

Class D felony Convictions Can be Reduced to a Class A Misdemeanor

Under Indiana law, a Class D felony conviction can be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor multiple ways:

1.  A judge can enter misdemeanor treatment at the time of sentencing;
2.  A conditional Plea Agreement can provide for misdemeanor treatment at the end of a period of probation; or
3.  A person can file a petition for reduction to a misdemeanor three years after completing his or her sentence.
Eligibility for misdemeanor treatment is also contingent upon other criteria, including criminal history and that the Class D felony did not result in injury to a person. Convictions for Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Operating a Vehicle While Being a Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV), and felony Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) are all Class D felony offenses that are eligible for misdemeanor treatment.
Reducing a Class D felony to a Class A misdemeanor reduces the waiting period for expungement from eight years to five years. That can represent three years of lost wages, lost opportunities, and social stigma that could be avoided. 

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