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Fort Wayne Domestic Battery Defense Attorneys: When Mitigation and Counseling is the Best Approach

Domestic battery arrests can arise when an argument with a spouse or loved one becomes physical. A charge of domestic battery is not always violent, but merely requires that there was a rude, insolent, or angry touching. Domestic battery can be triggered by financial or marital problems, alcohol or drug abuse, and even fatigue. Domestic battery cases are serious and can trigger the issuance of a no contact order, preventing families from being together. There is also a risk of jail time.

There are times when there are legal and factual defenses to a charge of domestic battery. However, in many cases, entering counseling and addressing the triggering event for domestic violence is the best approach to defending the criminal case. An experienced Fort Wayne domestic battery defense attorney can identify appropriate counseling that could help you receive a more lenient sentence.

Domestic Battery Defense Attorneys in Fort Wayne:  Center for Nonviolence

The Center for Nonviolence in Fort Wayne, Indiana offers programming for men and women who have been arrested for domestic battery, as well as youth programs and other support services. Programs for adults include between 25 and 30 sessions with opportunities for one-and-one as well as group counseling. Keeping a journal, role-playing, and writing a closure letter are some of the activities participants complete. As one of the few programs in the country for women who have been arrested for violence, the Center also offers a Mother’s Intervention Program and Women’s Violence Intervention Program. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers in Bluffton: Family Centered Services

With programs for both families and individuals, Family Centered Services in Bluffton, Indiana offers programming with a focus on building and restoring the family into a healthy, successful unit. The organization also offers youth resources for delinquent children. Dependent upon the circumstances, Family Centered Services may be the best fit for persons arrested for domestic battery in Wells County who are seeking assistance and support for the whole family. For example, while “Families in Transition” provides support for families of divorce, “Healthy Families” focuses on supporting environments that optimize child growth and development. Other resources also allow families access to free clothing and other necessities for young children.

If you are arrested for domestic battery in Fort Wayne or Bluffton, Indiana, an experienced criminal defense attorney can guide you to resources that could result in a more lenient sentence. Because a no contact order could be issued following a domestic battery arrest, it is important to contact an experienced attorney immediately.