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Crawfordsville Criminal Defense Attorney: Strategy and Rules in Montgomery County

If you are arrested in Crawfordsville, Indiana, you need a criminal defense attorney who is experienced handling cases in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County courts have local criminal rules governing the exchange of evidence, which require defendants to comply with a discovery order within 30 days of the initial hearing. Failing to follow the Montgomery County criminal rules could result in valid defenses being waived or crucial evidence being excluded from trial. A Crawfordsville criminal defense attorney can take immediate steps to preserve your rights.

Crawfordsville Criminal Defense Attorney: Initial Hearing Representation is Important

Montgomery County has three courts that handle criminal cases. In each court, a discovery order will be issued at the initial hearing. The standard Montgomery County Order on Discovery requires a defendant to provide the prosecutor with the following discovery within 30 days:

1.       The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses that the defense may call at trial.
2.       Any documents or photographs that are planned to be used at trial.
3.       Any medical or scientific reports that may be used as evidence for the defendant.
4.       Any procedural or substantive defense that the defendant intends to make at trial, such as self-defense, duress, entrapment, mistake of fact, and insanity.

If new evidence is discovered after the 30 days deadline, defendants must continue to comply with the order. Failure to comply with a discovery order could result in the evidence being excluded at trial.

Hiring a Montgomery County Lawyer: Why Immediate Action Matters

An experienced Montgomery County lawyer can help defend your case by timely complying with the discovery order. This requires analyzing the State’s evidence, identifying possible defenses, conducting legal research, and timely filing the defense’s discovery disclosures. A Montgomery County criminal defense attorney can identify witnesses that may help your case, prepare possible trial exhibits, identify evidence that controverts the State’s case, and file notice of affirmative defenses that could help win acquittal at trial.

Need a Crawfordsville Criminal Defense Attorney? Call Gibson Law Office

If you are seeking a Crawfordsville criminal defense attorney, call Gibson Law Office. Our Lafayette office is conveniently located to Crawfordsville and we regularly defend clients there. We have significant experience defending criminal cases in Montgomery County and complying with the local rules. If you are arrested in Montgomery County, call Gibson Law Office for a free initial consultation at 765-742-8440. With discovery deadlines beginning at the initial hearing, you can’t afford to wait for legal representation.