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Marion County Adopts Local Rule for Specialized Driving Privileges

Effective January 1, 2015, courts have broad discretion to grant driving privileges to persons who are suspended for a wide variety of reasons. Specialized driving privileges can be granted to stay suspensions for five year, ten year, and lifetime habitual traffic offender suspensions; criminal conviction suspensions; and almost all administrative suspension. If your license is suspended and you live in the Indianapolis area, it is important to obtain an attorney who understands the Marion County local rules.
Local Rule Adopted for Specialized Driving in Indianapolis
Petitions for specialized driving privileges must be filed in the county of residence. Marion County has passed a new local rule which sets forth filing requirements for specialized driving privileges. License suspensions resulting from pending criminal cases or convictions shall be filed in the court where charges are pending or a sentence was imposed. Suspensions for child support must also be filed in the court where the case is docketed. Administrative suspensions, including habitual traffic violator and lifetime suspensions imposed by the BMV, must be filed in the Marion Circuit Court.
Attorneys for Specialized Driving Privileges in Indianapolis
If you live in Marion County and have a suspended license, call Gibson Law Office at 855-9-GIBSON. We have represented clients in more than 60 counties and have significant experience in traffic and license issues. The waiting periods imposed by the former hardship and probationary license statutes have been repealed. If your license is suspended, you may be eligible for specialized driving privileges immediately.