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Madison County Establishes Pre-Trial Expungement Rules

If you have a criminal record in Madison County, Indiana, it’s important to consult with an expungement attorney who knows the local court rules. When a petition for expungement is filed in Madison County, the parties must conduct a pre-trial conference with the deputy prosecutor handling the expungement petition within thirty days. A notice of pre-trial conference must then be filed with the Court. The notice must include a specific report to the Judge regarding any outstanding issues with the expungement request. An expungement in Madison County will not be granted until the notice of pre-trial conference has been filed with the Court. If the pre-trial notice is not timely filed, the Court may dismiss the expungement petition.

Expungement Attorneys in Anderson, Indiana 

If you are seeking an Anderson expungement attorney and want to clear your criminal record in Madison County, call Gibson Law Office. Our attorneys have represented clients in more than 70 counties. If you want an expungement attorney in Anderson who knows the local rules, call Gibson Law Office today.