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Little 500: IU Students, Excise Police, and Alcohol Arrests

Little 500 events begin in Bloomington this week, culminating on Saturday with the famous men’s cycling race. For over a decade though, excise police have targeted Little 500 weekend, making arrests by the hundreds for underage drinking and other alcohol-related offenses.
When excise police arrive on Indiana University’s campus, their primary goal will be making high-volume arrests. Unlike local law enforcement, who typically target the loudest and most disruptive violators, excise police will approach you, ask for your ID, and ticket you – even if you’re just standing outside holding a beer.
Each year during Little 500 weekend, police predictably arrest students on charges relating to:
Police also make arrests for a number of charges often caused or escalated by alcohol consumption, including resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass, and false informing.
Since 2006, excise police have issued citations and made arrests on a combined total of 1,887 charges. The number peaked in 2013 when police arrested 235 people on 285 charges.
2015 saw the fewest arrests in several years with 171. Officials attributed the dip at least partly to the rainy, cold weather last year, which also resulted in the race being postponed. With the weather forecasted to be sunny and warm all this week, 2016 could potentially see additional arrests. 
What Should I Do If I Am Arrested During Little 500 Weekend?
For college students, any arrest on your record can have serious consequences on both your academic status and professional future. An arrest can trigger disciplinary proceedings with the university, while a criminal record can affect job and internship prospects. If you’ve been arrested during Little 500 weekend, call Gibson Law Office at 855-9-GIBSON (855-944-2766). Our criminal defense attorneys have represented students in Indiana University disciplinary proceedings and Monroe County courts.
Our attorneys can also discuss your expungement options. Even if your case results in a diversion program and dismissed charges, your arrest is still searchable by future employers. Petitioning for expungement is the only way to clear your criminal record in Indiana. Knowing the soonest possible date you can expunge it is the first step to putting a college mistake behind you.