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Criminal Attorneys in Lafayette and Fort Wayne Available 24/7

No one plans to get arrested. But when the unexpected happens, you have serious questions and need immediate legal advice. What should you expect at court? What penalties are you facing? When can you get your driver’s license back? When can you meet with a criminal attorney?

While our criminal attorneys cannot be with you at all hours, we are accessible through our free mobile phone app. The Gibson Law Office mobile phone app has important information about Operating While Intoxicated and Drug Charges. It also gives you access to our 10 most recent blogs. Most importantly, you can contact us immediately with legal questions and to request an appointment. You can download our mobile phone app for FREE right now from the App Store or Google Play.

Contacting Criminal Attorneys in Lafayette, Indiana

From our mobile phone app, you can submit legal questions to our criminal attorneys and request an appointment. I once received a message from the President of a Purdue fraternity at midnight, while police were walking up the driveway. My immediate advice helped him handle the situation correctly. If you are arrested, don’t let uncertainty about your case create even more stress. Contact us immediately for a free initial consultation.

Contacting Criminal Attorneys in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Our Fort Wayne office serves all of Northeast Indiana. If you are arrested in Fort Wayne or its surrounding counties, we can provide immediate legal assistance. We prioritize our mobile phone app questions, because we understand the urgency for information when someone is arrested.

Immediate Legal Advice Can Make a Big Difference

If you are charged with a crime, contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney is the first thing you should do. Our attorneys can give you meaningful feedback on what to expect. If there are relevant witnesses who can help our defense, we need to identify them while their memories are fresh. If there is evidence that needs collected, we need to know before it’s destroyed.

With criminal attorneys in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, we represent clients all over Indiana. We also know that when an arrest happens, it’s important to be accessible to our clients. No one plans to get in an accident, but you buy car insurance just in case. Having ready access to criminal defense attorneys in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, just in case, is a good practice too. Download our free mobile app now. If you need us, we are here and ready.