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COVID-19 Alert: Why Now is a Good Time to Expunge Your Indiana Criminal Record

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on our health and economy. The coming months are filled with uncertainty as thousands of workers have lost jobs and many small businesses are under extreme duress. When we get to the other side of this crisis, the job market may be very tight. That is why now is an important time to think about expunging your Indiana criminal record.
There are many important benefits to expungement in Indiana, including sealing your court records and removing the case from the criminal history database. It is also illegal for employers to consider, or even ask about, expunged criminal cases in a job interview. Wouldn’t you like to check the job application box on criminal history that says “None”?
Expungement could be a gamechanger as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. With economic uncertainty ahead, having a clear criminal record could be a significant competitive advantage the next time you are searching for a job. Misdemeanor convictions for OWI, possession of marijuana, theft, and battery can be expunged five years after the date of conviction. Class D and Level 6 felony convictions, such as Operating While Intoxicated with a Prior, theft over $750, and fraud can be expunged eight years after the conviction date in Indiana. Cases that were resolved with a Diversion Agreement, such as public intoxication, possession of marijuana, and minor consumption of alcohol can be expunged one year after the Diversion Agreement was filed.
If you have a criminal record in Indiana, contact Gibson Law Office. We can help you get through this tough time by expunging your Indiana criminal record.