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Defending Indiana University Students Charged with Crimes and University Disciplinary Actions

When an IU student is arrested, it’s important to contact a Bloomington criminal defense attorney who understands the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Gibson Law Office lawyers have that experience.

When an Indiana University student is arrested, he or she will often face personal misconduct proceedings at IU.  This process starts with written notice from the  Office of Student Conduct regarding an allegation of misconduct. The student will then proceed to a Judicial Conference, and for serious violations, this can lead to a Formal Hearing. The disciplinary process can result in anything from dismissal of the action to suspension or even expulsion.

We know the unique challenges that a student faces following an arrest. We work to develop a strategy to keep students in school.


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We recognize that facing a legal issue can be overwhelming, and you may feel uncertain about where to begin. That's why we offer a no-cost phone consultation to help you navigate your next steps with confidence.

How We Help

Attorneys Brett Gibson and Ashley Fleetwood both graduated from the Indiana University School of Law. They know the value of an IU degree. 
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In The Courtroom

Gibson Law Office attorneys represent Indiana University college students in misdemeanor and felony charges, including: 
If you’re an IU student and have been arrested in Bloomington, call Gibson Law Office for a free consultation. Our experience can help make a big difference in your case.

At the University

When an IU student is charged with a crime, our attorneys make sure the student is prepared and has a strategy to handle both the criminal case and any University disciplinary hearing:

  • Personal Misconduct: The Judicial Conference
  • Personal Misconduct: Hearing Commission/ Formal Hearing
  • Personal Misconduct Appeals
  • Summary Suspension Defense
  • IU Harassment or Sexual Misconduct Allegations (Title IX)

Call Our IU Criminal Defense Lawyers

Indiana University Personal Misconduct Defense

When an IU student faces University Discipline, they need a Bloomington attorney who can develop a strategy to keep him or her in school. At IU, our attorneys serve as advisors to students charged with personal misconduct. We understand the process and can help you get to the other side of a difficult situation.  

Preparing for the Judicial Conference

Nearly all cases involving alleged personal misconduct by an Indiana student result in a Judicial Conference. 

Our experienced attorneys prepare students for this meeting and how to respond to allegations. When you need a Bloomington lawyer to prepare for a Judicial Conference, Gibson Law Office can help. 

Representation for the Formal Hearing

Preparation for Formal Hearings is critical, and the help of an attorney experienced in student discipline can make a meaningful difference. 

A Bloomington attorney from Gibson Law Office can help the student prepare to present evidence and witnesses at the hearing.  Our attorneys can also attend the hearing and provide guidance.

Personal Misconduct Appeals

A decision found in a Formal Hearing isn’t always final - especially when it was not based on a preponderance of evidence or that the student was deprived of due process. Gibson Law Office can assist students in  Review Board written appeals and hearings.


Indiana University International Students

If you are an international student charged with a crime, you need the proactive representation of our experienced criminal defense attorneys. 

Indiana University has a large international student population. And when an international student is arrested, they are often worried about possible immigration consequences.

Gibson Law Office attorneys have 20 years of experience representing college students, including those on an F-1 visa. 

College students sometimes fail to appreciate the possible collateral consequences of a criminal conviction and appear in court without an attorney. This can be particularly dangerous for international students. 

Summary Suspension at IU

In extreme cases, the Provost may become involved and decide to summarily suspend a student.  If you are an IU student who has received a summary suspension, contact Gibson Law Office immediately

Our Bloomington attorneys can help you appeal the summary suspension and request a Formal Hearing.


Indiana University for Students and Alumni

Criminal case dockets are now available online for free. That means when a student is charged with a crime, anyone, including potential employers, can see what happened.


Attorney Brett Gibson graduated from the Indiana University School of Law in 1997. He knows the high value that employers place on an IU education. As a criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience, he also understands how a criminal arrest can impact a person in the job market.

If you are an IU student or alumni who entered a diversion agreement, you are eligible to expunge the arrest records one year after charges were filed. OWI, possession of marijuana, and other misdemeanor convictions are eligible for expungement 5 years after the conviction date. It is unlawful discrimination for employers to ask about expunged criminal records in a job application.

More importantly, expungement allows employers to focus on your IU degree and not your criminal case.

If you are an IU student or alumni who has a criminal arrest or conviction, call Gibson Law Office. You may be eligible to expunge your criminal history right now and our Bloomington expungement attorneys can help.