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Protecting Yourself or Others: A Defense to Battery Charges in Indiana

In Indiana, battery is a Class B misdemeanor that alleges the defendant touched another person in a “rude, insolent, or angry manner”. When clients call our office after being arrested for battery, they often tell us that the other person either started the fight or provoked them. Depending on the circumstances, this is a viable defense to battery charges. In Indiana, you have the right to defend yourself from an attack, including an attack that you reasonably believe is imminent. You can also use force to protect a third person.
The criminal attorneys at Gibson Law Office have defended clients accused of battery in Indiana for 17 years, including winning acquittal at trial and obtaining the dismissal of charges. We have fought battery charges in Jasper County, Clinton County, White County, and Montgomery County, among many others in Indiana. If you used force to protect yourself or a friend, you may have a legal defense. Call 855-9-GIBSON to speak with criminal defense attorneys who will fight for you and your interests in court.