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Spencer Criminal Defense Attorney: Court Rules in Owen County

Facing your first arrest can be overwhelming, but in Spencer, Indiana, having the right criminal defense attorney familiar with Owen County local court procedures can make a world of difference.

Owen County courts follow specific rules when it comes to evidence exchange. Within 21 days of your initial hearing or 15 days after your attorney's appearance, the Owen County prosecutor must provide evidence, including witness information, statements, and prior convictions. As a defendant, you must also disclose your evidence within the same timeframe. This includes witness details, trial documents, expert reports, and any defense strategies you plan to use. Remember, if you discover new evidence, it's essential to share it with the prosecutor or the evidence could be excluded at trial.

Hiring an Attorney in Spencer Indiana: Why Immediate Action Matters

Why does immediate action matter? An experienced Spencer attorney can help defend your case by timely complying with the discovery order. This requires analyzing the State’s evidence, identifying possible defenses, conducting legal research, and timely filing the defendant’s discovery disclosures. A Spencer criminal defense attorney can identify witnesses that may help your case, prepare possible trail exhibits, identify evidence that controverts the State’s case, and file notice of affirmative defenses that could help win an acquittal at trial.

At Gibson Law Office, we're here to support you in Spencer. Attorney Ashley Fleetwood grew up in Owen County and previously worked in the Owen County Prosecutor’s Office. She knows the local rules and court procedures.

If you find yourself facing an arrest in Owen County, contact Gibson Law Office for a free initial consultation at 812-269-1508. With discovery deadlines starting early, don't delay in seeking legal representation. Your future may depend on it.