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Falsely Accused of Child Molesting in Indiana: Never Submit to an Unreliable Polygraph

False child molesting allegations happen. That is a fact. It is also true that when a person is accused of child molesting, there is an overwhelming presumption by police and investigators that the accused person is guilty. Child molesting investigations often begin with a forensic interview of the accusing child. The forensic interviewer is typically someone who works regularly with police, child protective services, and the prosecutor’s office and is predisposed to believe that child molesting occurred. The interview is conducted in a way to develop evidence for a prosecution. During the forensic interview, the child’s story is not challenged.

Lafayette, Bloomington and Fort Wayne Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers: Avoiding Police Interrogation


After obtaining a forensic interview from the accuser, police then often contact the person accused of child molesting and seek to interrogate them. They attempt to get the suspect to submit to a polygraph examination to “clear their name.” Before the interrogation begins, they request that the accused person sign paperwork waiving their right to an attorney. This process is designed to make the accused person nervous, off-guard, and vulnerable to police interrogation techniques.


If you are accused of child molesting, it is extremely important to contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Gibson Law Office has experienced sex crimes lawyers in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, Indiana who have defended child molesting charges. We have won acquittal at trial in multiple counts of child molesting.

Police investigations of child molesting allegations never include taking a polygraph examination of the accuser. If polygraph examinations are not reliable to judge the accuser’s story, then clearly they are not reliable to judge someone accused of child molesting. If you are accused of child molesting, or any sex crime, you should never speak to the police without your attorney present. 

Fort Wayne & Lafayette Sex Crimes Attorneys: We Will Challenge the Evidence in Child Molesting Charges

False child molesting allegations are made for a variety of reasons. Motives to lie about child molesting can be exposed during depositions. A deposition is a proceeding whereby a criminal defense attorney can place the State’s witnesses under oath, and question them before trial. We then can lock down their story to prepare for trial. We can also expose motives for the accuser to lie.

There is nothing to be gained by a person who has been falsely accused of child molesting to submitting to aggressive police interrogation and a polygraph examination. However, there is a lot to gain by hiring an attorney who has experience winning acquittal at trial in child molesting cases. If you are accused of child molesting, call Gibson Law Office for a free initial consultation. With attorneys in Lafayette, Bloomington, and Fort Wayne, we have a statewide practice. Police often make an aggressive attempt to interrogate child molesting suspects, before they have retained an attorney. Don’t let that happen to you.