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Why Are Gun Rights Taken Away?

The State of Indiana and federal law prohibits people with a felony or violent history from possessing firearms. However, if enough time has passed and/or you get your criminal record expunged, your gun rights can be reinstated.

Can I Restore Gun Rights with a Domestic Battery Misdemeanor?

In Indiana, you can petition a court to restore your firearms rights five years after the date of a misdemeanor domestic battery or other domestic violence conviction. Contact our attorneys at Gibson Law Office today to schedule a free consultation to get help restoring your gun rights.

Am I Eligible to Get My Gun Rights Restored?

In Indiana, persons convicted of a felony or domestic violence offense are ineligible to possess firearms. However, there are pathways to restore these rights. The first step is determining eligibility by meeting the requirements below.

Eligibility for Restoration

Federal law outlines three primary methods to restore firearm rights:

  1. Expungement 
  2. Restoration of civil rights
  3. Obtaining a pardon

Our attorneys can review your criminal history and determine the steps needed to restore your gun rights. Contact us today to get a free consultation and get one step closer to legally possessing a firearm.

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Can I Restore Gun Rights with a Felony on My Record?

While restoring your gun rights isn’t an option while a felony is on your record, our team at Gibson Law Office can help you clear your past and start anew by expunging your record.

Restoration for Felons

  1. The most prevalent way for felons to reinstate their gun rights in Indiana is through expungement.
  2. Expungement restores civil rights, including being a “proper person”, which is required to possess a firearm. However, expungement does not restore the gun rights of a person convicted of a domestic violence offense (the most common of which is domestic battery). A person who has a domestic battery or other domestic violence conviction must petition under Indiana Code 35-47-4-7.

Can I Restore Gun Rights with a Domestic Violence Conviction?

Indiana law requires that you petition to restore your firearms and expunge your criminal record to restore your gun rights after a felony domestic violence conviction. By meeting the proper eligibility requirements and expunging your record, if necessary, you can restore your gun rights.

How to Restore Gun Rights After Domestic Violence Convictions

  1. To restore gun rights, five years after a domestic violence conviction, a person can file a petition to restore gun rights.
  2. Those convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence need only file a restoration petition. However, felony domestic violence convicts must both seek an expungement and file a restoration petition.
  3. Crimes qualifying as domestic violence can range from domestic battery and stalking to harassment, battery, and strangulation.

We can help expunge your record if needed and guide you along the path to restore your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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