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Expunging Criminal Records in Bluffton, Indiana: Get a Clean Slate in Wells County

I got my first speeding ticket in Bluffton, Indiana, and I still remember it today. I was 17 years old and headed back to Jay County after playing in a summer league basketball game in Decatur. I was on the Northside of Bluffton on State Road 1 and ironically right in front of my grandmother’s house. I still remember the pit in my stomach when I saw the flashing lights behind me. Of course, on the drive home to Pennville I had two worries: how was I going to pay for the ticket and how would I keep this from my parents.

After I paid off the ticket with a part-time job and the help of a friend, my parents found out anyway. It’s hard to hide anything in a Bluffton. At the time, it certainly seemed like a crisis (and did raise my insurance rates). However, two decades later I get a laugh out of that old ticket. And, a speeding ticket at age 17 certainly doesn’t affect my current insurance rates. While my transgression was relatively small, there are several people who have been unable to put an old mistake in the rearview mirror. Until recently, anyone who had any type of criminal conviction has been forced to live the consequences for life.

A Fresh Start is Now Possible

Unlike an old speeding ticket, a criminal conviction record can haunt a person decades later. Almost all employers do criminal background checks. Most schools and youth sports programs require a criminal background check to coach or volunteer. And, 47 Indiana professional licenses are contingent on a criminal records check. Some criminal convictions can also prevent you from owning a firearm, which can keep you from hunting.

If you have a criminal record in Wells County, Indiana you can now clear your conviction records under Indiana’s new expungement law. In Bluffton, most felony convictions can be expunged by filing a petition in the Wells Circuit Court. Eligible felonies include forgery, theft, possession of cocaine, and possession of marijuana over 30 grams. All misdemeanor convictions can be expunged by filing an expungement petition in the Wells Superior Court. Misdemeanor records that can be expunged include operating while intoxicated (DUI), public intoxication, possession of marijuana, minor in possession of alcohol, battery, and driving while suspended.

Seeking an Expungement Attorney in Bluffton, Indiana? Call Gibson Law Office

If you are seeking an expungement attorney in Bluffton, Indiana, call Gibson Law Office for a free consultation. With offices in Fort Wayne and Lafayette, we have represented clients all over Indiana. Having grown up in the area, I know Bluffton well. Not only was I born in Bluffton, but I have also learned not to speed when I enter Wells County! The consequences of that ticket are long in my past, and we can help make your criminal conviction records a distant memory too. Whether you have a criminal record in Wells County, Adams County, Jay County, Blackford County, or elsewhere, call us today at 855-9-GIBSON for a free consultation. We will explain the process, determine your eligibility for expungement, and answer any questions that you have for free.