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Courts Can Stay OWI Suspension at Initial Hearing

When a person is charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) in Indiana, his or her driver’s license is generally ordered suspended at the Initial Hearing. However, a 2019 update to the Specialized Driving Privileges law provides an opportunity for a person to drive for work purposes while the case is pending. The Specialized Driving Privileges statute now provides that when a person is charged with an OWI, a person can request specialized driving privileges at the initial hearing. Once that request is made, the court is required to stay the suspension of driving privileges and schedule the case for a hearing on the request for specialized driving privileges. In some instances, this will allow a person charged with OWI to avoid a suspension of their driver’s license while the criminal case is pending.

If you are charged with an OWI and need to drive to or for work, hiring an attorney with experience is extremely important. An experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the new laws may be able to keep you on the road while an OWI charge is pending. Gibson Law Office lawyers have defended Operating While Intoxicated charges for more than 20 years. With offices in Lafayette, Bloomington, Anderson, and Fort Wayne, our attorneys represent clients throughout Indiana. If you have been arrested for OWI, call Gibson Law Office today.