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Analyzing the Evidence to Defend False Accusations of Sex Crimes in Indiana

Innocent people are charged with crimes. One of the most devastating charges you can be falsely accused of is a sex crime.
Several years ago, our office represented an 18-year-old Purdue freshman who was being investigated by the police. During Grand Prix weekend, he had been playing beer pong with a young woman he had just met, and the next morning they woke up partially undressed. They were both inexperienced drinkers and neither of them could remember what had happened. The young woman confided in a friend who then contacted police. Our client was arrested and charged with rape.
Although she had given the exact same version of the events as our client, the police told the young woman that a nurse who performed a rape kit confirmed that sex had occurred and that she could not have consented due to intoxication. During our deposition of the nurse, it was revealed that there was actually no evidence whatsoever that sex had occurred.
Nevertheless, the case proceeded to trial. The evidence at trial supported our client’s innocence, and it was an immense relief when the jury acquitted him of all charges. We watched our client go home with his parents instead of being taken to prison.
This case also demonstrates an important lesson: no matter what the allegations are, you can never pre-judge a criminal case. If you’re charged with a sex crime in Indiana, call Gibson Law Office at 855-9-GIBSON.