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Job Interviews and Expungement in Montgomery County, Indiana

If you have a criminal record in Montgomery County, Indiana, you have probably cringed when you fill out a job application. Will the prospective employer do a criminal background check? Will you be asked questions about the conviction? Will a mistake 10 years ago cost you yet another opportunity? You may have searched for a Crawfordsville expungement attorney in the past, only to be told that expunging your criminal records was not possible. If you have been held back and frustrated by an old conviction record, there is good news. In July 2013, Indiana passed a new expungement law that provides a second chance.

Expunging Criminal Records in Montgomery County & Job Interviews

Expunging your Montgomery County criminal records will free you from the worry of being asked about an old conviction in a job interview. The new expungement law makes it unlawful discrimination for any business to refuse to employ or discriminate against a person because of a conviction or arrest that has been expunged. Prospective employers cannot even ask you if you have had any criminal records expunged.

If you have been held back in the job market by an old conviction, imagine being able to check a box that says “No, I do not have a criminal record that has not been expunged by a court.” This can be a game changer in interviews.  In a tight job market, a clean criminal record can lead to a better job, more pay, and fewer worries.

What Conviction Records can be Expunged in Montgomery County, Indiana?

A wide variety of misdemeanor and felony conviction records can now be expunged in Indiana. All misdemeanor convictions are eligible for expungement five years after the conviction date, including for operating while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, and public intoxication.  Almost all Class D felony convictions are eligible to be expunged eight years after the conviction, including theft; OWI with a prior; and possession of a controlled substance, such as ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin. If you have a Class D felony conviction, you may be able to shorten the waiting period to 5 years by first seeking misdemeanor treatment. Many major felonies are also eligible for expungement if a person meets the statutory criteria.

Seeking a Crawfordsville, IN Expungement Attorney? Call Gibson Law Office

If you want to expunge your criminal records in Montgomery County, call Gibson Law Office. Located close by in Lafayette, we regularly represent clients in Crawfordsville. And, we have expunged criminal records for clients all over Indiana. Don’t let a criminal record cost you another job. The first step in clearing your criminal history is to call us for a free consultation, by phone or in person. At no cost to you, we will determine your eligibility for expungement, explain the process, and quote a fee. Don't wait another day to clear your record.