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Using a Fake ID: A Deceptively Serious Offense

Colorado driver's license imageUsing a fake ID is one of the most common charges Purdue students are arrested for during Grand Prix week in West Lafayette. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the top most damaging cases for students to have on their record.
A Crime of Dishonesty
When charged with using a fake ID, many young people make the mistake of representing themselves, thinking it’s not a “serious” case worth retaining an attorney, or even telling their parents. You may be asking yourself, “Who hasn’t tried to enter a bar under the age of 21? Who would honestly think this case is important down the road?”
The answer: the government. And by extension, future employers.
A fake ID charge falls under a criminal offense involving dishonesty or a breach of trust. As a result, a conviction could disqualify you from employment in finance, technology, engineering, or other high-security fields. These industries are highly regulated. Some positions require government security clearances that will not be issued to those with a crime of dishonesty on their record.
Employers have strong incentives to stop the hiring process when a fake ID charge pops up on an applicant’s background check. Banking is one example. The FDIC prohibits federally insured banks from employing people who have had a conviction or a diversion agreement for a crime of dishonesty. Banks who do not comply can face a fine up to $1,000,000; 5 years’ imprisonment; or both. Unlike many other crimes, the impact of a fake ID charge can be just as damaging whether it's filed as a misdemeanor or an infraction, and even in some circumstances, whether charges are eventually dismissed.
In addition, prosecutors have the option to file charges as more serious crimes with harsher penalties, such as misdemeanor deception and felony forgery. These charges also have the potential to impact international students on F-1 visas.
Defending Fake ID Charges in West Lafayette, Indiana
If you were arrested or cited for minor in possession of a fake ID during Grand Prix, you need a West Lafayette criminal defense attorney to review the facts of your case. Our goal is always to protect you from the lasting damages of being charged with a crime of dishonesty. Don’t wait to hire an attorney until after you’ve been rejected for the job you want. Call Gibson Law Office for a free consultation at 765-742-8440.