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Seeking a Job in Kokomo, Indiana? Expunge Your Howard County Criminal Records First

Last Friday there was a career fair in Kokomo, Indiana featuring area employers. The job fair provided an opportunity to learn about employment opportunities and gain information about area companies. The job fair also offered resume writing and career planning workshops. However, what is almost never discussed at a job fair is the fact that most of the employers will require a criminal background check as part of any job application. According to a recent study, 87% of employers conduct criminal background checks on all or some of their job applicants. If you have a criminal record in Howard County, Indiana, call Gibson Law Office for a free consultation with one of our expungement attorneys. The most valuable step in seeking a new job may be to expunge your criminal record.

Kokomo, Indiana Expungement Attorneys: Representation Throughout Indiana

Located in Howard County, Kokomo serves as a center of jobs for the surrounding area, including Tipton County, Miami County, Grant County, and Cass County. With a population of over 45,000, it is Indiana’s 13 th largest city.  While Kokomo provides many area jobs, there are also thousands of local residents with old criminal records that are holding them back from higher pay and a better life.  In 2013, Kokomo’s unemployment rate was 9%. This means that between Kokomo’s population, and the unemployed population of its surrounding counties, there are thousands of people searching for work in this area. While there are many steps you can take to improve your chance for employment or advancement, passing a criminal background check is something that can make or break your opportunity each time you apply.

Gibson Law Office has expunged criminal records in every region of Indiana. If you have a criminal record in Logansport, Peru, Tipton, Marion, Kokomo, or anywhere in Indiana, an expungement attorney can help clear your criminal conviction records and give you a level playing field in the job market. When your criminal record is successfully expunged or sealed, you can feel confident knowing that all information about the arrest is closed from public view. Expungement can remove your criminal conviction records from background reports from the Indiana State Police, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and online court records. Furthermore, it is illegal for any company to discriminate against someone whose records have been expunged or sealed.

Expungement Attorneys: Seal and Expunge Your Howard County, Indiana Criminal Records

With the passage of the new expungement law in July 2013, thousands of criminal records in Logansport, Tipton, Peru, Marion, and Kokomo are eligible for expungement right now.  With offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, Gibson Law Office always offers a free initial consultation by phone or in person. At no cost to you, one of our lawyers will explain the expungement process and determine whether you are eligible. We always charge a flat fee, so that you know the exact cost to expunge your records upfront. If you have a criminal history in Indiana, don’t you owe it to yourself to call a team of experienced expungement attorneys for a free consultation? Call 855-9-GIBSON and start the expungement process today.
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