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Tippecanoe County Probation Violations Based on Failure to Pay Fees

Lafayette, Indiana attorney Brett Gibson defends clients aggressively when petitions to revoke probation are filed. A petition to revoke probation can be filed when a defendant fails to timely pay court costs, fees and restitution. It is a defense to a petition to revoke probation for failure to pay court ordered fees, that the person had an inability to pay.

A petition to execute sentence can be filed when community corrections fees are not current. Community corrections fees refers to any of work release, house arrest, or day reporting. A person can be rejected by community corrections for failure to pay fees, because community corrections is an alternative to executed time served in jail or prison. 

Tippecanoe County Community Corrections user fee payments may now be paid on-line using debit or credit cards. If you are serving a Tippecanoe County Community Corrections sentence, or are contemplating a plea agreement that requires community corrections, it is important that your user fees remain current. Failing to pay fees at Tippecanoe County Community Corrections could result in rejection from community corrections and placement in jail or prison. The fees can be paid from the Tippecanoe County web site.

If a petition to revoke probation is filed against you based on failure to pay fees, it is important to contact an experienced Lafayette, Indiana criminal attorney immediately. You may have a defense that the failure to pay was not voluntary. If a rejection from community corrections results from failure to pay fees, you do not have a legal right to return to community corrections and should make all efforts to pay any outstanding fees prior to requesting a hearing.