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Madison County Bond Schedule Escalates for Out-of-Town Defendants

If you are arrested in Anderson, Indiana your first priority is to post bond and get out of jail. Madison County has a standard felony bond schedule for most offenses. However, if you do not live in Madison County or its contiguous counties (Tipton, Grant, Delaware, Henry, Hancock and Hamilton), or reside outside of Indiana, bond may be doubled or even tripled. The bail schedule for most offenses for persons arrested without warrants or out on bond for other crimes is as follows:

Offense Class                                                            Bond Amount
Murder                                                                         No bond
Class A Felony, Level 1 and 2 Felonies                     $35,000
Class B Felony, Level 3 and 4 Felonies                     $20,000
Class C Felony and Level 5 Felony                            $10,000
Class D Felony and Level 6 Felony                            $5,000
Misdemeanors                                                            Maximum of $3,000
Exceptions to Madison County Bond Schedule

People who live outside of Madison County, or its adjacent counties, are subject to the above bond schedule, but the local rules provide that bond for those individuals shall be doubled. People who live outside of the state of Indiana will have the bond listed in the bond schedule tripled.

People arrested for certain serious felony crimes are not subject to the Madison County bond schedule and are ordered without bond until seen by a judge. These offenses include: Probation violations, Aggravated Battery, Arson (endangering human life or causing bodily injury), Battery (any type not resulting in death), Burglary, Car Jacking, Child Sex Crimes, Criminal Recklessness, Escape From Lawful Detention (drawing or using a deadly weapon or inflicting bodily injury on another person), Failure to Return to Lawful Detention (drawing or using a deadly weapon or inflicting bodily injury on another person), Harassment, Intimidation, Neglect of a Dependent (resulting in bodily injury), and Invasion of Privacy. 

While Madison County is currently still following this bond schedule, due to jail overcrowding, the county may begin participating in the bail reform project soon. This would allow lower level non-violent offenders to be released on their own recognizance without posting bond.

Anderson Attorney Can File Motion to Reduce Bond

When a person is held on a high bond, it may be necessary to file a motion to reduce bond and present evidence that the person is not a flight risk and does not pose a risk to the community. In considering a bond reduction, the court will also consider the person’s ties to the area, employment history, and prior failures to appear for court. If you have a friend or family member held in the Madison County jail, you need an Anderson attorney with experience. Call Gibson Law Office today.