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Defending Purdue Students Charged with Crimes and University Disciplinary Action

If you are a Purdue student who has been arrested, you need friends and family for support. You need an experienced Lafayette criminal defense attorney for aggressive representation.

Gibson Law Office has represented Purdue students for more than 20 years. We understand the myriad of issues that impact a college student who has been arrested. A criminal arrest is stressful for anyone, but when you are 18 to 22 years of age and away from home, it can be overwhelming. The arrest itself can be traumatic, as few students came to Purdue expecting to visit the Tippecanoe County Jail. And, everyone who does knows that they do not want to go back.

Purdue students who are arrested may receive advice from well-intentioned friends, their residence assistant, and even University employees on handling the situation. However, none of these people have represented someone in a courtroom. They do not understand the interplay between Purdue disciplinary actions and a criminal case. They are unaware of legal defenses, strict court procedures, and filing deadlines. They cannot draw on 20 years of experience defending Purdue students. Our lawyers can.


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In The Courtroom

At the University

Gibson Law Office also has extensive experience representing Purdue students in university disciplinary proceedings.

  • Conduct Conferences at the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Community Standards Board Panel Hearings
  • Title IX Harassment Charges by the Purdue Office of Institutional Equity
  • Purdue University Residence Halls Disciplinary Actions
  • Appeal of Summary Suspensions
  • Purdue Aviation Technology Faculty Board Proceedings

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Purdue Conduct Conferences

Gibson Law Office has represented Purdue students for more than 20 years. Our attorneys have significant experience representing students as an advisor at OSRR conduct conferences. If you are a Purdue student facing University discipline, we can help.

When Purdue students are arrested for misdemeanor offenses, they are often assigned a conduct conference with a representative of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities ("OSRR"). At the hearing, students will be asked whether they want to accept responsibility for a University violation. They will also be asked specific details about the arrest. Conduct conferences often take place before the Initial Hearing in a criminal case. As a result, it is extremely important to handle the conduct conference in a way that will not jeopardize defending the criminal charges. 

Conduct conferences are often assigned following an arrest for:

Purdue Community Standards
Board Panel Hearings

Purdue students who are arrested on more serious charges or have prior disciplinary actions could face a Community Standards Board panel hearing. A panel hearing is similar to a trial, with three students and two faculty serving as the "jury". At a panel hearing, students could be suspended or expelled from Purdue. 

Gibson Law Office has more than 20 years of experience representing Purdue students in University disciplinary actions. Community Standards Board panel hearings are tape-recorded and subject to a prosecutor's subpoena. Our attorneys know the importance of presenting information at the panel hearing while protecting a student's rights in a criminal case. If you are a Purdue student facing disciplinary action, call Gibson Law Office today. We can help.

Purdue International Students

International students studying on an F-1 visa need a criminal defense attorney with extensive knowledge of immigration laws. If you are a foreign student and have been arrested, don't appear in court alone. Call Gibson Law Office today.

When an international student is charged with a crime, he or she could face harsh immigration consequences. Gibson Law Office has extensive experience defending international Purdue students charged with:

Purdue Expungement for Students and Alumni

Our attorneys expunge criminal records for Purdue students and alumni

A Purdue diploma is a valuable asset in the marketplace, but a criminal record diminishes your degree. Fortunately, Indiana's expungement law now allows all misdemeanor and most felony records to be expunged. If you are a Purdue student or alumni and have a criminal record, don't wait and allow a future job opportunity to be lost. Call Gibson Law Office today. Our Lafayette expungement attorneys can help clear your criminal history.