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BMV Amnesty Program Paves Cheaper Path to Drivers License Reinstatement

Would you like to get your Indiana driver’s license reinstated at a huge discount? Under a new Indiana law, if you owe unpaid tickets, fines or BMV reinstatement fees, you can petition a court to cut the fees in half. To be eligible, the petition must be filed in 2020 and the relief only applies to violations that occurred before January 1, 2019.

What fees can be reduced in the BMV Amnesty Program?

You can receive a 50% reduction in costs, fines and fees for the following:

You are not eligible if you have an outstanding arrest warrant, are delinquent on a child support arrearage over the last six months or have failed to pay restitution to a victim.

How can the Indiana BMV Amnesty Program Help with Specialized Driving Privileges?

woman adding money to a jarIf your license is suspended, including as a habitual traffic offender, the cost to get back on the road can be significantly reduced in 2020. When a court grants specialized driving privileges, you still have to pay off all unpaid reinstatement fees and judgments before you can drive. You can now petition to reduce the outstanding fees by half. Our attorneys can represent you in petitioning for specialized driving at the same time we seek to reduce your reinstatement fees.

If your Indiana driver’s license is suspended, call Gibson Law Office today. Our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience helping suspended drivers get back on the road. With offices in Lafayette, Bloomington, Anderson, and Fort Wayne, our attorneys represent clients statewide. The BMV Amnesty program only lasts for one year, so don’t wait to get your license reinstated. It will never be cheaper.