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Specialized Driving Privileges Helps Lafayette Drivers Get Back on the Road

Drivers in Lafayette and the surrounding areas whose licenses have been suspended may now be eligible to get back behind the wheel. A new Indiana law that went into effect on January 1, 2015 created specialized driving privileges. What this means is that drivers who were found to be habitual traffic violators and whose licenses were suspended for five years, 10 years, or for life, may now apply to drive again.

The New Indiana Law is Better than a Hardship License

This new law replaces the old law that created hardship and probationary licenses. Under the old hardship license statute, drivers had to serve a waiting period before applying for a license. The new law is better for drivers. It eliminates the waiting period and allows drivers to apply for specialized driving privileges at any time.

Are There Any Limits to the Driving Privileges?

The courts have broad discretion to set limits on specialized driving privileges on a case-by-case basis. A judge might, for example, limit driving to get to and from work. The court can also impose the requirement of an ignition interlock device.

Find Out if You are Eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges

Most people who have suspended licenses will be eligible to apply for specialized driving privileges. However, there are some exceptions. If your license has been suspended, you should talk to a Lafayette attorney with experience in licensing issues to find out what your options are.

A Lafayette Attorney Can Help Get You Back on the Road

Gibson Law Office works with drivers in Lafayette as well as those who commute for work to Lafayette from surrounding areas, including Crawfordsville, Monticello, Frankfort, and Delphi. If you have a suspended Indiana driver's license, you can apply for the new work license immediately. Gibson Law Office attorneys have extensive experience with licensing issues. Our attorneys can help you find out if you are eligible and to get you through the process as quickly as possible so that you will be able once again to drive to work.