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Football Season Can Mean Increased Alcohol Arrests for Purdue Students

Two weeks ago, we welcomed a new Purdue freshmen class at Boiler Bridge Bash and shared some information about what students could expect from the local law enforcement and Purdue disciplinary officials. With tonight’s football opener at Nevada and a holiday weekend, it’s an important time for Purdue students to understand the value of contacting an experienced attorney following an arrest.

Purdue Football, Tailgate Parties, and Excise Police

During Purdue’s football season, it’s common for Indiana State excise police to visit West Lafayette and aggressively patrol the campus for alcohol violations. They often set-up underage drinking stings and walk-by tailgate parties looking for students drinking. If a Purdue student is arrested on alcohol charges, it’s important to hire an experienced attorney.

In some situations, an arrest for minor consumption of alcohol or public intoxication can be resolved without a conviction. In other cases, the State lacks the evidence required to obtain a conviction. Under the Indiana Public Intoxication statute, a person cannot be convicted for merely being drunk in public. The State must also prove the person breached the peace, harassed another person, or endangered someone’s life. Students should never plead guilty to public intoxication without having an experienced attorney review the evidence in the case.

Fake ID’s and Underage Drinking at Purdue

Purdue students can expect increased scrutiny of ID’s used to purchase alcohol and enter bars during football season. With a new semester underway, excise police commonly set-up shop at grocery and liquor stores looking for underage students trying to purchase alcohol with a false identification.
False identification charges can be particularly harmful to students. Considered a crime of dishonesty, a Fake ID conviction can make it difficult to get an internship or job at a financial institution, stock exchange, or engineering position that requires high-level government security clearance. If a student is charged under an identity deception statute, it’s important to contact an experienced criminal attorney. In some cases, it may be possible to avoid a conviction.

After an Arrest, Purdue Students can Expect University Discipline

When a Purdue student is arrested, he or she will also face disciplinary action from Purdue. The process starts with an email from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities notifying the student of disciplinary charges and scheduling either a conduct conference or Community Standards Board panel hearing. Depending on the offense level and disciplinary history, students could face disciplinary probation, probated suspension, suspension or expulsion. Gibson Law Office attorneys have represented students at Purdue disciplinary hearings for more than 20 years. With so much at stake, it’s important to be prepared.

What Should a Purdue Student Do After an Arrest?

When a Purdue student is arrested, he or she should contact Gibson Law Office immediately. We always offer a free initial consultation. When a student is arrested, they need an attorney who can develop a strategy for both the criminal case and the university disciplinary action. With more than 20 years’ experience, our attorneys know how to prepare students to mitigate a criminal arrest and stay in the classroom.