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Some Tippecanoe OWI Cases to be Resolved Without a Hearing During Outbreak

If you have been arrested for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) in Tippecanoe County during the coronavirus outbreak, you may be able to resolve your case without attending court. With travel bans and orders for social distancing, Tippecanoe judges have adopted new rules to keep courts running and citizens safe. This is particularly important for those charged with OWI and facing a driver’s license suspension.

When a person is arrested for an Operating While Intoxicated offense, his or her license is ordered suspended at the Initial Hearing for 180 days or until the case is resolved. For first time offenders, the suspension can often be reduced to a short period or even no suspension at all. However, this requires having an attorney negotiate a resolution and getting into Court for a hearing.

The Indiana Supreme Court has directed Indiana trial courts to limit activity to essential hearings during the COVID-19 shutdown. To keep cases moving, Tippecanoe Superior Court 6 has adopted a temporary procedure whereby some OWI cases can be resolved by written Plea Agreements without the defendant needing to appear at Court. This is a huge benefit to persons charged with OWI, who need a driver’s license, but also want to practice social distancing to the extent possible.

If you have been charged with Operating While Intoxicated in Tippecanoe County and need your driver’s license back as soon as possible, call Gibson Law Office. We have experienced Lafayette OWI attorneys who may be able to resolve your case without you appearing in court.