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Fort Wayne Drivers with Suspended Licenses Benefit from New Law

There is good news for drivers with suspended licenses who live in Bluffton, Huntington, Warsaw, and Columbia City and who work in Fort Wayne. A new law makes it easier for them to get to work.

Specialized Driving Privileges

The new law provides specialized driving privileges to drivers with suspended licenses. Significantly, drivers can apply for these privileges at any time, unlike the old hardship license law, which had a waiting period.

Who is Eligible?

The new law, which just went into effect on January 1, 2015, makes it easier for Indiana drivers whose licenses have been suspended to become eligible to drive again. The law applies to most people with suspended licenses, including habitual traffic violators and those whose licenses were suspended following criminal convictions.
Both people with court-ordered suspensions and those with administrative suspensions are eligible, as are people with suspensions ranging from short-term through lifetime.

Who is Not Eligible?

While most people will be eligible to apply for specialized driving privileges, there are some exceptions. Drivers who have never held a valid driver's license are ineligible, as are drivers who currently have a commercial driver's license (CDL). Also ineligible are drivers who have refused to take a chemical test and drivers whose licenses were suspended because they committed an offense using a motor vehicle that caused someone's death.

What Should Drivers with Suspended Licenses Do Next?

Because there is no waiting period to file for specialized driving privileges, drivers who act quickly have the best chance of being able to drive again soon. Drivers in Fort Wayne, Huntington, Bluffton, Columbia City, and Warsaw should call a Fort Wayne attorney who represents local drivers with licensing issues. Gibson Law Office welcomes calls on its toll-free number 855-9-GIBSON from any drivers in the area who want to know more about how to get their driving privileges restored. With an office in Fort Wayne, our attorneys always offer a free initial consultation.