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Tippecanoe Conviction on Firearms Charge Reversed
A Lafayette, Indiana man's conviction on a Level 4 felony was reversed because police engaged in an unlawful search of his apartment. Police may conduct a protective sweep of a premises for officer safety. However, where a person is arrested outside his or her home, and there is no legitimate safety concern, police cannot conduct a warrantless search of a house or apartment.
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Indiana Court Holds Two Minute Delay for K-9 Search Unlawful
Police cannot extend an infraction traffic stop to conduct a K-9 sniff for drugs. Even a delay of less than two minutes constitutes an unlawful search. 
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Investigations of Sexual Violence Lack Due Process, Put Purdue Students at Risk for Expulsion
Purdue University's process for investigating claims of sexual violence leaves the accused student at a fundamental disadvantage. The student is not permitted to review the accuser's statement or the Investigator's Report. The student is also prohibited from cross-examining or questioning the accuser. When a Purdue student is accused of rape or sexual harassment, it is critical to consult with a criminal defense attorney who has experience serving as an advisor in Purdue Anti-Harassment Police accusations. 
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Should a Target Testify Before a Grand Jury in Indiana?
If you are the target in an Indiana grand jury proceeding, the State is seeking to indict you on criminal charges. Although it may be tempting to tell your side of the story, targets should not testify at grand juries. The target is subject to questioning by the prosecutor, which provides the State an opportunity to elicit testimony and evidence that could be used against you. A criminal defense attorney can assert your right to remain silent by filing what’s called a “Motion to Quash” on your behalf. With offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, our attorneys represent clients statewide. If you are the target of a Grand Jury investigation, call us today at 855-9-GIBSON.
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Roommates and Constructive Possession: A Potential Defense to Drug Charges in Indiana
If you were arrested after marijuana or prescription drugs were found in a common area of your dorm or home, the State must prove you had constructive possession of the drug in order to convict you. Evidence that might infer constructive possession could include where the drug was found and whether you made incriminating statements. The criminal attorneys at Gibson Law Office have aggressively defended charges of drug possession in Indiana for over 15 years. Call 765-742-8440 to speak with an experienced Lafayette lawyer for help with your case in the Fowler, Monticello, or Delphi area.

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