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MDMA Charges


Ecstasy is a drug that can induce feelings of intimacy and euphoria. It is commonly used at parties and clubs and is widespread on college campuses. Ecstasy is also illegal and can result in serious felony charges. Arrests for ecstasy can result from a police encounter, traffic stop, or a search of your property. If you are arrested on ecstasy-related charges, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. Gibson Law Office attorneys in Lafayette, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, and Anderson, Indiana have extensive experience defending drug cases, including possession of and dealing ecstasy.

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Lafayette, Bloomington and Fort Wayne Lawyers:

Defending Dealing MDMA

MDMA is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. Dealing Ecstasy can range from a Level 6 felony all the way up to a Level 2 felony depending on the weight of the drug and whether an enhancing circumstance applies. 

There are several ways an experienced criminal attorney can attack a dealing charge. Can the State prove the intent to deal? If a controlled buy took place, is the informant credible? Are there gaps in the evidence? Did a search take place without a warrant? If you are charged with dealing MDMA, our criminal defense lawyers will aggressively attack the State’s case. With law offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, we defend drug charges statewide.

Lafayette, Bloomington, and Fort Wayne, Indiana Criminal Attorneys:

Defending Possession of MDMA

Ecstasy is MDMA in the pill form. MDMA in powder form is commonly called Molly. Possession of MDMA in either form is a Class A misdemeanor, but elevates to a Level 6 felony if certain enhancing circumstances apply. Defending possession charges requires analyzing every detail of your arrest.

  • Did police have a legal reason to detain you?
  • Did an illegal warrant less search occur?
  • Were you advised of your right to speak with an attorney prior to consenting to a search?
  • If Ecstasy was found in your house, apartment, or dorm room, can the State prove constructive possession?

Our attorneys challenge every aspect of the State’s case. If your rights were violated, we will defend you aggressively.


What are the Penalties for Possession or Dealing Ecstasy in Indiana?

Possession of MDMA is a Class A misdemeanor and carries a penalty of up to one year in jail. However, a conviction can be charged as a Level 6 felony if the offense occurred within 500 feet of a school property or a public park, when a person under 18 years of age was reasonably expected to be present.   


Talk to an experienced criminal attorney now.

You need to act fast to protect your rights. Certain defenses and motions must be filed prior to deadlines set by the court. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will develop a strategy to attack the evidence in your case. Schedule a free consultation now.

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