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Criminal Defense

Indiana Criminal Defense Attorneys

Gibson Law Office attorneys represent people charged with serious felony and misdemeanor crimes throughout Indiana, in both State and Federal Courts. Our attorneys have significant jury trial experience, including winning acquittal at trials in Class A Felony and Operating While Intoxicated cases. With offices in Lafayette, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, and Anderson we have handled cases in more than 70 Indiana counties. If you need a criminal defense lawyer, our firm has a team of attorneys with experience in all regions of Indiana. 

Gibson Law Office aggressively defends Operating While Intoxicated charges. We understand how important it is to restore your driving privileges after an OWI arrest, so you can drive to work. If you need an OWI attorney, call a firm that has won acquittal at trial and has in-depth experience challenging field sobriety tests and breath tests. We have a competitive advantage over most firms, because of our statewide practice. We have handled OWI cases with a wide variety of fact patterns. We have the experience to know what works in fighting OWI charges. We have defended Operating While Intoxicated charges all over Indiana for the past 19 years. Whether you have an OWI in Lafayette, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Anderson or any county in-between, call us for a free consultation. If you want an OWI attorney who has handled hundreds of cases in all regions of Indiana, we are the right firm for you. 


Our Lafayette, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, and Anderson attorneys frequently represent college students charged with crimes, including foreign nationals on student visas. When defending criminal charges, they understand the importance of working to protect students’ future job prospects.

We can assist you with the following:
  • Pre-trial motions: If evidence was obtained illegally in your case, or your rights were violated, pre-trial motions could result in the dismissal of your case or a favorable settlement of the charges.
  • Analysis of the evidence against you and what defenses you can employ: BE AWARE, it is of critical importance to be represented by an attorney at the initiation of charges against you. Some defenses can be waived if motions or notices are not filed on time.
  • Plea Agreement evaluation and negotiation: An experienced criminal attorney knows what a good plea agreement is and what is not. You should not accept a harsh plea agreement because you have not been properly advised as to the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  • Bond reduction and release from custody.
  • Representing you at a Jury Trial.
  • Working to restore your driving privileges.

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