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Indiana University Personal Misconduct – Bloomington Attorneys

When an IU student is charged with a violation of the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, he or she can feel overwhelmed. In many situations, the student is notified of the allegation while already dealing with the stress of a criminal arrest. Even the terminology and procedures can be a lot to handle when a student has a full class load and exams.

Gibson Law Office attorneys have more than 20 years’ experience representing college students. When an IU student is facing University Discipline, they need a Bloomington attorney who can develop a strategy to keep him or her in school.

Indiana University Personal Misconduct: The Judicial Conference

Nearly all cases involving alleged personal misconduct by an Indiana student result in a Judicial Conference.  At a Judicial Conference, the Dean of Students will inform the accused student of his or her rights and any accusations made.  The student will then have an opportunity to respond. An experienced attorney can prepare the student for this meeting and how to respond to the allegations. After the discussion with the student, the Dean will determine by a preponderance of evidence whether a violation occurred. If the student is found to have committed a violation, the Dean could impose sanctions ranging from a warning to expulsion. All decisions made at a Judicial Conference can be appealed by requesting a Formal Hearing. When you need a Bloomington lawyer to prepare for a Judicial Conference, Gibson Law Office can help. 

Indiana University Personal Misconduct: The Formal Hearing

If a student disagrees with the decision made at a Judicial Conference, he or she may request a Formal Hearing within 10 days of the notice outlining the findings of the Judicial Conference. A Formal Hearing board consists of three members: one student and two faculty members.  The board will hear evidence from both sides regarding the conduct alleged and argument as to whether the conduct violates the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

Preparation for Formal Hearings is critical, and the help of an attorney experienced in student discipline can make a meaningful difference. A Bloomington attorney from Gibson Law Office can help the student prepare to present evidence and witnesses at the hearing.  Our attorneys can also attend the hearing and provide guidance. The Formal Hearing Board will then decide the case based on a preponderance of evidence.

Personal Misconduct Appeals, Our Bloomington Attorneys Will Work to Keep you at IU

The final step in the personal misconduct process is an appeal.  On appeal, the student has the burden of showing that the result reached by the Formal Hearing board was not based on a preponderance of evidence or that the student was deprived of due process.

The Review Board’s decision can range from reversing the Formal Hearing decision and dismissing the case, to affirming the decision and sanction originally ordered.  Gibson Law Office can assist by arguing on your behalf at any Review Board hearing.

Summary Suspension at IU While a Disciplinary Action is Pending

In extreme cases, the Provost may become involved and decide to summarily suspend a student.  This decision substantially affects a student’s life, as he or she would be banned from campus and unable to attend classes. A summary suspension could also destroy a student’s GPA by negatively affect the grades in every class in which a student is enrolled at the time of the suspension.

If you are an IU student who has received a summary suspension, contact Gibson Law Office immediately. Our Bloomington attorneys can help you appeal the summary suspension and request a Formal Hearing. The process for the Formal Hearing remains the same as when the Dean of Students initiates an action, but for a summary suspension, the Formal Hearing is the final step in the appellate process.

Bloomington Attorneys Close to the Indiana University Campus

When a college student is charged with a crime or university disciplinary action, they don't just need a lawyer, but a support system to deal with the situation. When an IU student needs a Bloomington attorney, Gibson Law Office is nearby. Our office is located at 115 N College Ave, Suite 265, Bloomington, IN 47404.


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