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New Indiana Law Allows Some Felony Convictions to be Sealed

NOTE: This law has been repealed and replaced by Indiana's new Expungement Law effective July 1, 2013

A new Indiana law provides that certain 8 year-old Class D felony convictions can be sealed from public view. In a competitive job market, a criminal background check that reveals a felony conviction for theft or receiving stolen property can eliminate opportunity. However, a new Indiana law became effective on July 1, 2011 that would allow theft, receiving stolen property, and other nonviolent Class D felony conviction records to be sealed and removed from public view.

The new law applies to misdemeanor and Class D felony convictions that did not result in injury to a person. Class D felonies include theft, receiving stolen property, operating while intoxicated with a prior, possession of marijuana over 30 grams, possession of a controlled substance, and fraud. A person becomes eligible to seal their criminal record 8 years after they have completed the obligations of their sentence. To seal the old criminal record, the person must not have committed a new felony offense since completing their sentence.

If you were convicted of a Class D felony and 8 years have passed since you completed your sentence, this new Indiana law could benefit you greatly. Class D felony convictions can eliminate career advancement, new job opportunities, community positions, and your reputation. Old mistakes no longer have to harm your present and future life.

To seal your old criminal records in Indiana, the first step is to confirm that you are eligible under the new law. Contact an attorney Gibson Law Office. We have offices in Lafayatte, Bloomington, and Fort Wayne.