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Marijuana Arrests on the Rise in Lafayette, Indiana

As local police target drug crimes, marijuana arrests are on the rise in Tippecanoe County. Police claim they are attacking Lafayette’s increase in crime “at its source”, which is perceived to be drug use and dealing, including marijuana.
In September 2015, Mayor Tony Roswarski announced a number of initiatives that Lafayette authorities, in collaboration with West Lafayette and Purdue police, expect to increase police visibility and arrests.

This included:
1)    Hiring five new officers, including one assigned to the multi-jurisdictional drug task force
2)    Extending parking enforcement to near-downtown neighborhoods
3)    Providing Lafayette police officers who live inside the city limits with take-home cars
4)    Lafayette Housing Authority focusing on reporting suspected illegal activity committed by residents
Looking at the statistics, 2015 saw the highest number of marijuana arrests made by Lafayette police in at least 5 years. Compared to 196 arrests in 2014, Lafayette police arrested 322 for marijuana-related charges in 2015.
How Can You Avoid Jail for a Marijuana Charge in Lafayette?
Could aggressive policing of marijuana land you in jail? The first defense is to know your rights. As a general rule, police need a search warrant to enter private property. A consent to search must be voluntary and not gained by lying to you about your legal rights.
In 2016, police have already reported making a number of drug busts. If you’ve been arrested for possession of marijuana or dealing marijuana in Lafayette, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled hundreds of drug cases in Tippecanoe County. When local authorities target investigations and arrests for certain types of crimes, sometimes overaggressive police action can violate your Constitutional rights. Our attorneys will review the facts of your case and represent you aggressively if your rights have been violated. Call 765-742-8440 to speak to one of our experienced marijuana defense attorneys for a free consultation at our office in Lafayette.