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Specialized Driving Privileges

Effective January 1, 2015, Indiana courts may stay driver’s license suspensions and grant specialized driving privileges for most people with suspended licenses. Specialized driving privileges can be granted to stay suspensions for:
  • Habitual Traffic Violators
  • Lifetime license suspensions
  • Administrative suspensions
  • Court imposed suspensions
  • Suspensions following criminal convictions       

What are Specialized Driving Privileges?

The Indiana laws authorizing hardship and probationary licenses have been repealed and replaced with specialized driving privileges. Courts have broad discretion when granting specialized driving privileges and can limit driving to employment or other purposes approved by the court.
When can I apply for Specialized Driving Privileges?

If your license is suspended, there is no waiting period to apply for specialized driving privileges. That means if your Indiana driver’s license is suspended, you can apply immediately if you qualify.
Who is ineligible for Specialized Driving Privileges?

Specialized driving privileges can be obtained for most suspensions. However, a person is not eligible if he or she has never held a valid driver’s license; holds a CDL; has refused to submit to a chemical test; or is suspended for an offense that resulted in someone’s death. A person who held a CDL at the time of the offense, but no longer holds a CDL and was subsequently issued a qualifying license, is eligible.

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