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Lafayette Indiana DUI Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions
If you have been arrested for DUI in Lafayette, Indiana, the experience can be traumatic and frightening. After a DUI traffic stop in Tippecanoe County, you are asked to submit to a breath test and field sobriety tests; you are taken to the Tippecanoe County Jail and can be held in custody for hours; your driver’s license is taken from you; and you are assigned an initial hearing date at court.  Upon being released from jail, you are issued citations for Operating While Intoxicated Causing Endangerment or Operating with an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent of .08 or .15. The initial hearing assigned may not be for weeks, and you are left to wonder what will happen to your driver’s license and whether you should expect jail time.

An experienced Lafayette DUI attorney can give you specific feedback on what to expect based on the facts of your case, including realistic goals for plea agreement negotiation. A criminal lawyer with significant trial experience can also evaluate the evidence in your case for a possible trial. 

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Purdue Community Standards Board Hearings

Depending on the severity of the offense, students who are arrested while attending Purdue face either a Community Standards Board (CSB) panel hearing or a conduct conference. If you are arrested and the Purdue Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) requires you to attend a CSB panel hearing, it means that the allegations are considered severe enough to warrant a possible suspension or expulsion. Because the panel hearing can lead to such serious consequences, it's important to prepare for the meeting in advance.

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Purdue Disciplinary Conduct Conferences
If you are arrested while enrolled at Purdue, you will face either a conduct conference or a Community Standards Board (CSB) panel hearing, depending on the nature of the charges. When the Purdue Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) assigns you a conduct conference, it means that the allegations are not severe enough to warrant suspension or expulsion. However, the conduct conference is still a serious matter that can lead to other consequences, so it's important to prepare accordingly.

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Misdemeanor Treatment Can Expedite Expungement for Class D Felony Convictions
A Class D felony can be expunged eight years after the conviction date under Indiana’s expungement law. However, if the Class D felony conviction is reduced to a Class A misdemeanor, the conviction can be expunged five years after the conviction date.  
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