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Analyzing the Evidence to Defend False Accusations of Sex Crimes in Indiana
Being falsely accused of a sex crime is typically one of the most stressful and devastating experiences of a person's life. Several years ago, our office represented an 18-year-old college freshman at Purdue University who was accused of rape. After a night of drinking and playing beer pong during Grand Prix weekend, neither he nor the alleged victim could remember what happened when they woke up together partially undressed. During depositions, it was revealed that there was no evidence that sex had occurred. After hearing the evidence at trial, a jury acquitted our client of all charges. Call Gibson Law Office at 855-9-GIBSON if you've been falsely accused of a sex crime in Indiana, including in Lafayette, Crawfordsville, Delphi, and Indianapolis.
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Disorderly Conduct Conviction Reversed: Court Rules Police Suppressed Political Speech
The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed an Indianapolis woman’s conviction for disorderly conduct. The Court determined that police violated the woman’s right to political speech when they arrested her as she loudly criticized officers for being racist. Political speech that comments on government action carries additional protections compared to speech concerning other matters. Gibson Law Office has defended criminal charges throughout Central Indiana for 17 years, including in Marion County, Boone County, Hendricks County, and Hamilton County. Call 855-9-GIBSON for a free initial consultation to determine if you have a viable defense in your disorderly conduct case in Indiana.
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Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Computer, Cell Phone
Police cannot search a person’s computer or cell phone without first obtaining a warrant supported by probable cause. If you’re charged with a crime that involves a computer or cell phone search in Indiana, call Gibson Law Office at 855-9-GIBSON. Our criminal attorneys understand the technical nuances required to attack the evidence in cases where police may have illegally searched your electronic device.

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Possession of Spice, Synthetic Drugs Carries Harsher Penalties Than Marijuana
Synthetic drugs are manufactured to mimic the high of traditional drugs, such as marijuana and ecstasy, when smoked or ingested. Common names for synthetic drugs include spice, K2, incense, potpourri, and bath salts. While some may perceive that drugs created in a lab are safer than drugs found on the street, the penalties for possessing synthetic drugs are now harsher than the penalties for possessing marijuana. If you were arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana or other synthetic drugs in Crawfordsville, the experienced criminal attorneys in our Lafayette office can help. 
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Protecting Yourself or Others: A Defense to Battery Charges in Indiana
In Indiana, battery is a Class B misdemeanor that alleges the defendant touched another person in a “rude, insolent, or angry manner”. When clients call our office after being arrested for battery, they often tell us that the other person either started the fight or provoked them. Depending on the circumstances, this is a viable defense to battery charges. The criminal attorneys at Gibson Law Office have defended clients accused of battery in Indiana for 17 years, including winning acquittal at trial and obtaining the dismissal of charges. We have fought battery charges in Jasper County, Clinton County, White County, and Montgomery County, among many others in Indiana.
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