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Expunging Criminal Records in Bluffton, Indiana: Get a Clean Slate in Wells County
I got my first speeding ticket in Bluffton, Indiana, and I still remember it today. I was 17 years old and headed back to Jay County after playing in a summer league basketball game in Decatur. While my transgression was relatively small, there are several people who have been unable to put an old mistake in the rearview mirror. If you have a criminal record in Wells County, Indiana you can now clear your conviction records under Indiana’s new expungement law. In Bluffton, most felony convictions can be expunged by filing a petition in the Wells Circuit Court; and all misdemeanor convictions can be expunged by filing an expungement petition in the Wells Superior Court. Whether you have a criminal record in Wells County, Adams County, Jay County, or elsewhere, call us today at 855-9-GIBSON for a free consultation.

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Seeking a Job in Kokomo, Indiana? Expunge Your Howard County Criminal Records First
Located in Howard County, Kokomo serves as a center of jobs for the surrounding area, including Tipton County, Miami County, Grant County, and Cass County. With a population of over 45,000, it is Indiana’s 13th largest city.  While Kokomo provides many area jobs, there are also thousands of local residents with old criminal records that are holding them back from higher pay and a better life. Gibson Law Office has expunged criminal records in in every region of Indiana. If you have a criminal record in Logansport, Peru, Tipton, Marion, Kokomo, or anywhere in Indiana, an expungement attorney can help clear your criminal conviction records and give you a level playing field in the job market. When your criminal record is successfully expunged or sealed, you can feel confident knowing that all information about the arrest is closed from public view.

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Defending Cocaine and Heroin Charges Following a Canine Sniff in Tippecanoe County
It is common for police to seek to use K-9 searches on the interstate between Chicago and Indianapolis seeking to find drugs. This area includes Jasper County, Benton County, Tippecanoe County, White County, and Boone County. However, police cannot delay the duration of a traffic stop in order to conduct a canine sniff without reasonable suspicion to justify the search for drugs. If you have been arrested for possession of cocaine, heroin or other drugs, following a canine sniff, call Gibson Law Office immediately. If the search was illegal, our Lafayette, Indiana drug defense attorneys will aggressively defend you.

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DUI Charges in Peru, Indiana: OWI Defense and Expungement in Miami County
If you are arrested for DUI in Peru, Indiana your case will be scheduled for an initial hearing at which your driver’s license will be ordered suspended for a period of 180 days. If you are like most people who work in Miami County or in nearby Kokomo, Tipton, Marion, or Logansport, you almost certainly need a driver’s license to get to work. If you are employed, Gibson Law Office attorneys could help you obtain a restricted license for employment purposes within 30 days. When your case is over, our attorneys can also expunge your Miami County criminal records. 

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