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How Can an Arrest During Grand Prix Affect Academic Status at Purdue?
Purdue’s Grand Prix weekend is here which inevitably results in a large number of Purdue students being arrested for minor in possession of alcohol, public intoxication, DUI, and possession of marijuana. While criminal charges can carry serious consequences, a Purdue disciplinary action can also threaten a student’s future. Gibson Law Office has a team of Lafayette criminal attorneys who have represented hundreds of Purdue students. We understand the interplay between criminal cases and Purdue administrative hearings. It is important for students to understand that anything they say in a Purdue disciplinary hearing could be used against them in a criminal case.  

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Purdue Students and Increased Police Patrol: 4 Ways to Stay Safe During Grand Prix Week
Between Breakfast Club, the Life in Color concert, and the Grand Prix race, there are many opportunities for students to run into trouble with police this week. State Excise Police specifically target weekends and locations for increased police presence where there is a higher likelihood of underage drinking. Last year during Grand Prix week, Excise police alone ticketed 53 people in West Lafayette for primarily alcohol-related offenses, including illegal possession of alcohol and possession of false identification. The best way to stay safe during Grand Prix week is to plan ahead and know your rights.

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What Happens if I Am Arrested for Underage Drinking in West Lafayette, Indiana?
Minor consumption of alcohol is the number one reason students are arrested or ticketed throughout the week-long celebration of Grand Prix in West Lafayette, Indiana. With the heavy presence of law enforcement, including undercover excise police, there are increased opportunities for students to go out with their friends and wind up in jail.  It is almost always a mistake to appear in court without a lawyer. While students may have friends that that want to give “legal” advice, criminal charges can carry long-run consequences. Gibson Law Office has defended Purdue students for 15 years in underage drinking and marijuana charges, including in university disciplinary proceedings.  Our Lafayette criminal defense attorneys always offer a free consultation.

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Good News for Hunters: Expungement Can Restore Your Gun Rights in Indiana
Hunting is a way of life for many Hoosiers. However, many avid hunters are banned from possessing a firearm due to a criminal conviction. Indiana’s expungement statute specifically restores firearms rights under Indiana law. If a criminal conviction has prevented you from hunting, call Gibson Law Office for a free consultation with one of our expungement attorneys. With offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, we have expunged criminal records in every region of Indiana. Our expungement attorneys can help you regain the ability to hunt in Warsaw, Angola, Huntington, Bluffton, Plymouth, Greencastle, Winamac, and Kentland.
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Jasper County, Indiana Possession of Cocaine Conviction Reversed
The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed a Lafayette, Indiana man’s conviction for possession of cocaine in Jasper County. The defendant had been stopped for speeding on I-65 near Rensselaer. Police searched his car after issuing the speeding ticket and found 66 grams of cocaine. However, his conviction was reversed because police lacked reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to detain the defendant’s vehicle for a canine unit to arrive. Drug charges in Jasper County, White County, and Tippecanoe County for possession of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana often originate from an infraction traffic stop. With an office in nearby Lafayette, our criminal attorneys represent clients in Rensselaer, Monticello, Fowler, Kentland, and throughout Indiana.

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