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Monticello, IN Criminal Attorneys: Local Rules Set Defense Deadlines
If you are arrested in Monticello, Indiana you need a criminal attorney with experience defending cases in White County. White County has local rules of criminal procedure that require the timely filing of defenses and discovery. These rules apply to DUI defenses that involve an illegal traffic stop; possession of marijuana, ecstasy, and other drugs that involve an illegal search; and self-defense in battery cases. 

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Miranda Warning Required to Search for Marijuana in Lafayette and Crawfordsville Hotel Rooms
The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the search of a Crawfordsville hotel room was illegal, after police obtained a man’s consent to search his room without advising him of his right to an attorney. If you were arrested for possession of marijuana or other drugs after consenting to a search of your hotel room, call Gibson Law Office. Police must advise you of your Miranda rights before asking you to consent to a search, if you are in custody. Gibson Law Office has a team of Lafayette, Indiana drug possession defense attorneys that can evaluate your case and attack an illegal search.

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Crawfordsville Criminal Defense Attorney: Strategy and Rules in Montgomery County
If you are arrested in Crawfordsville, Indiana, you need a criminal defense attorney who is experienced handling cases in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County courts have local criminal rules governing the exchange of evidence, which require defendants to comply with a discovery order within 30 days of the initial hearing. If you are seeking a Crawfordsville criminal defense attorney, call Gibson Law Office. Our Lafayette office is conveniently located to Crawfordsville and we regularly defend clients there.

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Crawfordsville DUI and OWI Defense: What Defendants Should Know in Montgomery County
If you are arrested for DUI in Montgomery County, Indiana you are probably worried about jail time, losing your driver’s license, and what will happen at the initial hearing. The first step in dealing with the stress is to contact a Crawfordsville DUI attorney. Located in nearby Lafayette, Gibson Law Office has extensive experience defending DUI charges in Montgomery County and can give you specific feedback on what to expect.

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Fort Wayne Domestic Battery Defense Attorneys: When Mitigation and Counseling is the Best Approach
Domestic battery arrests can arise when an argument with a spouse or loved one becomes physical. A charge of domestic battery is not always violent, but merely requires that there was a rude, insolent, or angry touching. Domestic battery can be triggered by financial or marital problems, alcohol or drug abuse, and even fatigue. In many cases, entering counseling and addressing the triggering event for domestic violence is the best approach to defending the criminal case. 

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