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Come In, We're Hiring - But Please Have A Clean Record
Technology has made it easier now more than ever for employers to search for potential job candidates’ criminal records. To make matters worse, the job market is such that employers have the luxury of being selective with their choices. Don’t diminish the hard work you put into your resume, interview, and education by letting the criminal background check hold you back. Gibson Law Office attorneys have helped clients pass criminal background checks throughout North Central Indiana, including in Allen County, Marshall County, and Howard County. If you have a criminal record in Fort Wayne, Plymouth, Huntington, Kokomo or elsewhere in Indiana, call an expungement lawyer at Gibson Law Office today.

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Expunge and Seal Your Marijuana Charges in Indiana
Despite shifting national attitudes regarding marijuana use, an arrest or conviction for marijuana-related charges can still prevent you from getting a job or promotion, in addition to a myriad of other consequences. The vast majority of marijuana related misdemeanors and felonies are eligible for expungement. Regain control of others’ perception of you by expunging or sealing your marijuana arrest and conviction records. Gibson Law Office is proud to help Indiana college students seal and expunge their criminal records in Muncie, Lafayette, Bloomington, and Terre Haute. We help Indiana college students at Purdue, IU, Ball State, Indiana State, and IPFW get jobs by defending criminal cases and sealing criminal records. If you are a college student with a criminal record, call one of our expungement attorneys today.

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Expunge Your Indiana Criminal Record: Don't Let a Mistake in Your Past Hold You Back
While getting a job can be difficult enough, it’s even harder for people with criminal records. Start the process of expunging your misdemeanor and felony criminal records by calling Gibson Law Office. At no cost to you we will help you understand how Indiana’s expungement laws can work for your individual circumstances. We have sealed and expunged criminal records in all regions of Indiana, including in East Central Indiana, such as Grant County, Delaware County, Blackford County,  Jay County and Wells County. If you are looking for work in Muncie, Marion, Portland, Harford City, Bluffton or Anderson call Gibson Law Office at 855-9-GIBSON and speak with an expungement attorney today.

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Coincidence Fails to Establish Constructive Possession of Marijuana in Kokomo, Indiana Case
The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed a Kokomo man’s convictions for possession of marijuana and visiting a common nuisance due to insufficient evidence. The Court found that the defendant was not in exclusive control of the vehicle, because he was a passenger; and police did not actually see him possess marijuana or discard it from the car. The Court reversed the conviction for visiting a common nuisance, because the State failed to prove that the vehicle had been used more than one time for drug use. If you are charged with possession of marijuana in Kokomo, Indiana, call Gibson Law Office for a free consultation. With offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, our attorneys have defended clients in Howard County, Miami County, Cass County, and Marshall County.

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Indiana Public Intoxication Law Held Unconstitutional in Part
The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed an Indianapolis man's conviction for public intoxication holding that the term "annoy" in the context of Indiana's new public intoxication law is unconstitutionally vague. As a result, the State will no longer be able to prosecute public intoxication cases based on the allegation that an intoxicated person was annoying in public. Gibson Law Office attorneys defend public intoxication charges statewide. With offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, our attorneys have represented clients in Bloomington, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Kokomo, Marion, and Muncie. Our attorneys have defended hundreds of college students in public intoxication cases, including students at Purdue, IU, Ball State, and Butler. 

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