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Expunge a Grand Prix Arrest Before You Leave Purdue
An experienced Lafayette criminal attorney who has represented hundreds of Purdue students can help ensure a student's criminal record is expunged as soon as possible. Students who have been arrested for minor consumption (underage drinking), public intoxication, using a fake ID, possession of marijuana, or other common offenses during Grand Prix should make a plan for expunging their record before they leave West Lafayette. Although getting charges dismissed, such as through a diversion agreement, is an important step to clearing a criminal record, it's not the final step. The only way to prevent a student's name from popping up on the criminal records database is by petitioning for expungement.
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Little 500: IU Students, Excise Police, and Alcohol Arrests
Little 500 events begin in Bloomington this week, culminating on Saturday with the famous men’s cycling race. Little 500 weekend is also notoriously targeted by Indiana Excise Police who arrest college students by the hundreds for underage drinking and other-alcohol related offenses. The most common charges students may face are underage consumption (minor in possession of alcohol), furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor, public intoxication, operating while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substances, theft, and coversion. Charges as the result of an arrest over Little 500 weekend can impact a student's status with the University as well as future job prospects. Gibson Law Office has represented college students in Indiana University disciplinary proceedings as well as Monroe County courts in Bloomington. Our attorneys are IU Alumni. 
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Marion County OWI: Cut n' Paste Affidavit Is Insufficient
In a Marion County OWI case, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that blood draw results were inadmissible because the officer's affidavit for probable cause lacked specific information about whether the defendant was driving a vehicle. It's common for police officers to use pre-written forms or "boilerplates" to aid in preparing reports. However, the Court of Appeals has reinforced that although using forms in permissible, forms used to obtain a search warrant must include at least some detail specific to the case. If you've been arrested for operating while intoxicated or DUI in Indianapolis or Marion County, call our experienced OWI attorneys at Gibson Law Office.
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Allen County Expungement Petition Entitled to Day in Court
A petition for expungement of criminal records that was denied by an Allen County judge has been reversed and remanded for further proceedings. The Indiana Court of Appeals determined that the Allen County court incorrectly denied the petition without first setting a hearing. The case solidifies that a petition for expungement cannot be denied without a hearing unless the petition either 1) does not meet the statute’s requirements or 2) makes statements that demonstrate the petitioner is not entitled to relief.

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Clark, Harrison, Shelby, & Hamilton County Move to E-filing
As of March 21, four Indiana counties have moved to e-filing: Hamilton County, Clark County, Harrison County, and Shelby County. By the end of 2016, eight more are scheduled to follow: Henry County, Floyd County, Hendricks County, Franklin County, Morgan County, St. Joseph County, Wells County, and Tipton County. It is more important than every to retain an attorney who is committed to staying current with technology. E-filing may be a challenge for lawyers who are uncomfortable embracing new tools and processes. Our office looks forward to being at the forefront of using e-filing to further increase efficiency and improve client experience.
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