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Fort Wayne Domestic Battery Defense Attorneys: When Mitigation and Counseling is the Best Approach
Domestic battery arrests can arise when an argument with a spouse or loved one becomes physical. A charge of domestic battery is not always violent, but merely requires that there was a rude, insolent, or angry touching. Domestic battery can be triggered by financial or marital problems, alcohol or drug abuse, and even fatigue. In many cases, entering counseling and addressing the triggering event for domestic violence is the best approach to defending the criminal case. 

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Criminal Attorneys in Lafayette and Fort Wayne Available 24/7
No one plans to get arrested. But when the unexpected happens, you have serious questions and need immediate legal advice. If you are arrested, you can contact our criminal attorneys in Lafayette and Fort Wayne through our FREE mobile phone app. If you need immediate contact with a criminal attorney, we are here and ready.

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Allen County’s Forensic Diversion Program Provides Treatment Instead of Jail
Allen County’s Forensic Diversion Program provides an alternative to jail for defendants arrested on non-violent drug charges. Forensic Diversion Programs provide services to adults with mental illness or addiction disorders who have been charged with a crime. An experienced Fort Wayne criminal defense lawyer can determine whether a defendant is eligible to apply for the program.

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If You are Arrested in Allen County, Call Experienced Fort Wayne Criminal Defense Attorneys
If you are arrested in Allen County, Indiana, you need a Fort Wayne criminal defense attorney with experience. Criminal charges are serious and can affect your job, driver’s license, and freedom. Gibson Law Office criminal defense attorneys have handled criminal cases in 57 Indiana counties and have defended almost every type of criminal case. We listen to you and develop a strategy to achieve your goals. And, we do all of the hard work required to get the best possible outcome in your case.

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Indiana Police Cannot Prolong Traffic Stop for K-9 Sniff and Search
Police cannot prolong a traffic stop in order to get a K-9 unit to the scene of a traffic stop, without reasonable suspicion of a crime. A criminal defense attorney can attack an illegal K-9 search by filing a motion to suppress evidence. Gibson Law Office has offices in Lafayette and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience defending clients who were arrested following a traffic stop and dog sniff. 

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