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Protecting Yourself or Others: A Defense to Battery Charges in Indiana
In Indiana, battery is a Class B misdemeanor that alleges the defendant touched another person in a “rude, insolent, or angry manner”. When clients call our office after being arrested for battery, they often tell us that the other person either started the fight or provoked them. Depending on the circumstances, this is a viable defense to battery charges. The criminal attorneys at Gibson Law Office have defended clients accused of battery in Indiana for 17 years, including winning acquittal at trial and obtaining the dismissal of charges. We have fought battery charges in Jasper County, Clinton County, White County, and Montgomery County, among many others in Indiana.
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Arrested in Crawfordsville? Call an Experienced Montgomery County Criminal Attorney
If you’re facing criminal charges in Montgomery County, you want an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the local rules. At the Initial Hearing, the judge will set specific deadlines to file notices of certain defenses, as well as requirements for filing any witness lists. Gibson Law Office has defended clients for more than 15 years in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County, including against charges of operating while intoxicated, battery, theft, possession of controlled substances, and major felonies.
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OWI Traffic Stop in Hamilton County Violated 4th Amendment Rights
The Indiana Court of Appeals has determined that evidence gathered from a traffic stop in Hamilton County should be suppressed. The Court held that the traffic stop, which resulted in an operating while intoxicated charge, was illegal because the officer had neither observed any traffic violations nor appropriately functioned as a “community caretaker”. If you were arrested for operating while intoxicated in Hamilton County, a criminal defense attorney can review the police report and other evidence to determine if the traffic stop was lawful.
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Hiring a Criminal Attorney for a Misdemeanor in Allen County
The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office has one of the highest caseloads in the state, prosecuting 10,000 misdemeanors per year. Common misdemeanor charges include operating while intoxicated, theft, possession of marijuana, battery, minor consumption, and driving while suspended. Retaining an experienced Fort Wayne criminal defense attorney can make a significant difference for your case and peace of mind. The criminal attorneys at Gibson Law Office can help by identifying evidence suppression issues, negotiating for the best possible plea agreement, and ensuring all documentation meets the court's strict deadlines.
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Using a Fake ID: A Deceptively Serious Offense
Using or possessing a fake ID is one of the most common charges Purdue students are arrested for during Grand Prix week at West Lafayette. While many young people perceive a citation for a fake ID as not being a “serious” offense, these charges can have extremely damaging consequences on a students’ ability to gain employment in certain fields. Using a fake ID is considered a crime of dishonesty. As a result, an arrest for a fake ID could disqualify students from positions in technology, engineering, finance, and other high-security fields that require the ability to gain a government security clearance. Gibson Law Office attorneys in Lafayette, Indiana understand the importance of protecting students from the harmful effects of having a diversion agreement or conviction for a crime of dishonesty.

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